Wednesday, May 26, 2010


this is like, beyond awesomeness!

who could imagine a johnnys could compose/write such a beautiful song, and oh his voice is just gahhhhh! also, didnt know he wears glasses, but apparently he's wearing them now because the light's too dim and he cant see the piano keys with glasses 

the lines that go:

いつもそうよ すねると君は
it'd always be like this when you're upset
you hide my most important things, right?
since the place is always the same 
this time, i'll wait for you there first

いってもいいよ, でも私にだけよ.
from now on its alright so say some selfish things 
 but only to me

*melts into a puddle of idontknowhats

do do do watch this guys, seriously! 
i'll love you for it!

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