Sunday, May 30, 2010

tips & tricks to survive uni life #2

Goooood morning! It is now 2.03AM of er May? Honestly ever since school ended I’m so not keeping up with the dates anymore. Heck I hardly even know what day is it, just the other day I die die thought it was friday but turns out it was a saturday wtf. Anyways, as promised, I will now talk about one of the issues a university student, especially a USM student, have to deal with daily, and that is….CLOTHES.

I detest dress codes (with the exception of themed parties, of course) and apparently we’re supposed to wear long pants and collared-tees to classes here in USM. Tipu punya. Dengan semangatnya I belied 5 collared-tees (any excuse to shop, no?) and 2 long pants (ah they were on sale) only to find out that we can basically wear whatever we like!! Ok I lied; I kinda knew that the dress code isn’t that strict anyways. Like, duh. Even if it is, I’m sure I’ll find some way to bend it a little teeheee.


But, luckily, by the examples of the seniors, we all started loosening up and pushing the limits as the semester goes by. Wait, what limits? Unlike some other government unis that forces them to wear long sleeves and long pants even in the hostel (like, wtf, primitive much?), in our free time we can really wear whatever shit we want. I’ve seen girls walking around in their sarongs and braless in hostels. And wearing short shorts to go out for a meal is okay too, nobody will stare at you judgingly *coughUKMcough In class, of course you have to know your own limits, and do wear something appropriate lah. So far I’ve only seen a couple international students wearing sleeveless tops and perhaps once or twice in class some girls wearing like shorts shorts. We usually just wear knee-length shorts and teeshirts. Of course, there is always a risk of someone giving you a piece of their mind but oh well. Having a little risk is fun after all. “Colour my life with the chaos of trouble”, heard of it?

iklan #2. dress nih lah.

Once, I wore this thigh-lengh dress and this international student/lecturer/tutor/dontknowlah told me I’m not supposed to wear anything above the knee. Another time, I was wearing another dress and this auntie/lecturer/tukangsapusampah.dontknowlah came and told me off, saying that we’re in an Islamic country and oh am I a university student or not and the dress is too low. I was so surprised I just walked away, though I’ve stayed awake many nights after imagining all the saucy retorts I could’ve blasted at her. Ah well. (AS IF IM THAT FREE TO LOSE SLEEP OVER IT PUHLEASE)

#2: LIBRARY’s pak/makguard’s a real pain. This one dress code strict max. Everything must be below knee-length and above collarbone. Once I was in full formal outfit (see picture) and the mak guard insisted I go back to change before I get in WTF I just pulled down my skirt a little and buat bodo masuk je. They’re being so ridiculous! People wear those leggings they say cannot wear “nampak bentuk badan” clothes WTH. How is it relevant to what people do in the library at all! Which is why I hate going to the library max and seek to avoid it whenever i can!! One comfort though, the aircond there syiok max, very much advisable to bring a cardigan in with you. and sleep.

#3: WASHING. For the first couple months, I washed my clothes by hand, due to all the horror stories on how dirty the hostel’s washing machine is and how come people just throw in their shoes to wash. What can I say, I was naïve and overly paranoid. I hated it though, I’m so not a housewife-material and sheesh it’s really a bother to wash them every 2-3 days or so, especially washing jeans and bedsheets! Then one day, somehow, I decided to try the machine and never looked back since. Advice: bring about 5kg of 50/20cents coins for every semester. It’s RM3 for every cycle.

#4: As for DRYING, there is a whole bunch of those er wires outside the hostel block for us BUT (capslock = importante) huge risk of losing your clothes/clothes being flown away by strong winds/random sudden rain. I dried my clothes outside for a few months and lost : 

White MNG top

slash dress. whatever.

White MissCindy pants

White spaghetti-strap top

(am I the only one sensing a pattern here?)

And this I’m not so sure, but my beloved GREY HARAJUKU LOVERS TOP. It’s not to be found anywhere, I just realized this a few weeks ago after looking through old pictures WTF I love that top! Gahhh hate. 

oh glory days. FML now.

So the morale of the story is: GET A CLOTHES RACK and keep it in the room. Don’t worry, the revolving fan will dry them all out in less than 2 days. And it won’t stink, depending on your detergent. I use this aromatherapy softener, it fills the whole room with lavender scent every time I did my laundry. Hmm. Wait, now that I think about it, I wonder if this bothers my roommate T___T Ah in any case, there’s a dryer too! Costs RM2/3/4 depending on load but I usually just use it on rainy-season and for blankets only, it’s really not necessary otherwise.

Tip: Do your laundry after midnight. 
         Nobody else will use it then, hence, no need to wait! :D

#5: RANDOM TIPS. For orientation week, it’s formal clothes all week so be prepared for that. I’d suggest getting some bajukurungs made as it’s really convenient, not to mention pretty
I love my bajukurungs teehee you’ll need it for the hostel dinner during orientation week, and basically any other class presentation. Did I mention that they’re real pretty? 
Do bring a couple glam dresses as well, penang do have their little street of clubs you know ;p
  random colourfulness.

ok the end i is tired max. and mucho excited that akid's coming to usm whoots!! :D


  1. Hi Senior ;)

    Hey thanks for your USM posts. :)I read the one on the hostel too!! :)

    btw, what is the little secret to get a room without a desa unit? :P

    And hopefully I get one of the RST or Bakti wei. Hahaha.

  2. Hi Hui Yee :) Honestly, from what I heard, everyone is able to get room for the following year regardless of their desa unit. If they rejected the application, just rayu and they'll give you a room because weirdly enough, there's plenty of empty rooms especially at RST. Bakti is a little more difficult to get into though. For myself, to be safe, I join about one or two simple activities that offers MyCSD points like motivation talks just to be safe. Good luck!

  3. thanks for this post, me as a junior in comm school too wanted to dress fashionably to class but then still so scare of lecture ended up dressing everyday like a maid . but after reading this, i think i go getmyself some maxi and midi dresses :D