Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the curious tale of the bananas

locked the doors as usual, closed the curtains and fed the fish. 
 nothing seemed out of place, nothing seemed unusual.

tossed my stuff on the chair and headed towards the room.




there it is, on the dining table!

a couple of bananas!! 

(yellow for effect. ニノ
  what is it doing there?? 
why is it there?? 
  when did it got there??
how did it reached there??
what's the meaning of its existence??

im so shocked i cant say anything more.

btw i was feeling hungry and wanted to get some biscuits, so i walked to the kitchen and somehow the feeling of wanting to eat went away so i came back towards the room and in a split second i felt like eating again so ohwhattheheck i went and grabbed some biscuits.

and now the thunder's being scary! what if it blacks out; i wouldnt know what to do!

exciting isnt it, my life and everything. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010


おはよう!\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ふあー

im up early today, even though its an off day! YES A SATURDAY OFF DAY! i had the best sleep last night; the weather was just great; not too cold not too warm. gawd my bed is so comfortable; these days i fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow. and to be able to snuggle up under the blanket; with tons of pillow around me; ahh im really grateful for that. such a simple joy that makes such a difference in one's quality of life hahaha really, i can only enjoy this this  long; for when im back at the uni's hostel, it's going to suck coz its just too hot to actually use the blanket and the mattress is so thin! but as long as i have my minimum quota of three pillow, i'll still be able to sleep pretty okay so lets hope for the best this coming sem! :D 

why do i sound so painfully positive/optimistic/sunshiney/rainbows this morning? could i secretly be a morning person?! *fake gasp

ok aiba's an-an interview finished loading, shall go read now. 

am back!
i think aiba's positivism is rubbing off me wtf read jun's junstyle translations too which reminded me of MJ's death anniversary; yesterday right? kinleong told me too. uwah jun really admires MJ huh. dahlah initials pun sama; dua-dua pun MJ. sigh has it really been a year? i feel sad for the future generations who wont be able to hear news of MJ as a person anymore, only his songs. but thinking back, his death was around the time we entered university right? for the government unis, i mean. this really brings me back to the morning when i heard the news, ah i was so numb to everything back then. and then suddenly, now, one year had already passed; im soon to be starting my SECOND YEAR in uni! even now i suddenly feel like i want to be a first year forever hahaha they called it the honeymoon year, right? we really had such fun and we used our spare (an even unspare) times max! i really hope the next year in uni is going to be a great one, with everybody! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

sorry random picca of hurgly feet, just to capture the moment y'know. moment. hahaha.

the picture above, reminded me of this song, this favourite song of mine back then. still is, actually. one of the best duets i've ever heard. nothing beats hyde and gackt singing together, not even arashi yo. it still gives me goosebumps, even now.

ゆうぐれに君と見た オレソジ の 太陽
いくつものよろこびやかはしみ もかぞえこれないであいやわかれも

at dusk, we watched the setting orange sun
the blue sky concealed its breath, embraced by a red sunset
endless joy and sadness, and countless hellos and farewells
unchanging from before, the orange sun continues to watch on gently
believin we would never part, we smiled and embraced.

kononnya itulah translationsnya hahaha i have a unreasonable distrust on translations, but im too lazy to check so yeah. lebih kurang gitu la. wah i just spent like 3 hours writing this FML. anyways, the point it, GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! ~~~ヾ(^∇^)おはよー♪

*clicks publish post

good weather ☼

i dont really have a point in blogging today, so imma just spill some stuff thats going around my head at the moment and add some pictures to fill it up hahaha like, i was just watching an episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan and there's this segment where they have to answer a few questions then this bunch of people will judge their answers, the ARASHI member who suck at answering would be thrown into a pool of ice

which reminds me of the episode when Nino got thrown in and he casually strolled out of the pool (the other members usually pretty much freak and run out of the pool ASAP) and took off his shirt to reveal Those Abs ohmaigawd o.O

anyways, as i was saying, there was this question:  こんな女性に弱い。

which loosely translated means weakness for this kind of girls?
and the im not writing the japanese/chinese characters to showoff okays its for my own learning, i learnt quite a few kanjis from watching all the japanese variety shows because they have a tendency to write the funny things the people said on the screen so, yeah.  :D

i like Ohno's answer in which he said he likes girls that arent afraid to show their boyishness and Aiba's answer about a girl's surprising ability to do something like playing the piano or pitching a tent.  and this made me think about what is MY weakness for guys. this is rather embarrassing for me to say so publicly but well, i really like guys that are great with children. Gawd forbid i find most kids annoying but to see a guy play so naturally and happily with kids, isnt that a pleasantly suprising side of him? i really like that.



look how close they are, apparently after the shooting ended, when she goes to school she'll say  いてきます to aiba's poster in her room! and she calls him "masaki-nii", which is just so cute because nobody calls anybody by their first name unless they're like really close! (*≧▽≦)

(hahahaha somehow, everything seems connected with ARASHI )

ah its already very nearly 9PM, gotta get ready soon for yumcha! and lulu's back in town and we're going out tomorrow yays! :D

oh and i've been waking up in the mornings lately (as opposed to the mid-afternoon wake-ups) and what better way to celebrate the glorious morning sunshine than to go jogging camwhore? seriously even in ANTM it has always been said that morning light is the best to take pictures in. add a little curtains and a little makeup and bam, a geat picture is taken. the miracles of morning light, even a crummy truck-icecream can look like haagendazs icecream. proof: current facebook profile picture. call me a cheat whatever, who doesnt want to look decent once in a while.

because mornings are for taking pictures, besides hating the world.

i'd always noticed this, that when i dont have any particular facial expression set, i always look sad/emo/troubled. even when im spacing off somewhere, people would ask if im okay because i look so sad/emo/troubled. i dont! its just how my face is contructed! see, i dont have much expression in the picture above and yet i look rather sad/emo/troubled (ok am getting tired of repeatedly typing this), its even worse when im like genuinely zoning out! ahh im so jealous of people who look peaceful and very obviously expressionless, or even people who look cheerful even when they dont make any facial expressions! ( ̄へ ̄)

though with that said, i think, to others, my facial expressions are very easy to read. im honestly quite afraid of that hahaha i dont want to be read that easily! when i hear someone say "ah when she looks like that, she's thinking real hard about something"   or being told that i have a "difficult-decision-making look' makes me think : oh no! it sucks to have other people know what you're thinking or what you're feeling. it's rather contradicting to what most people want, i know, heck even sometimes i wish to have people who really understand me but still, to be read that easily, ちょっとこわいでしょう?(ini baru showoffnyer)

because the best ones are the ones taken by accident.

behold, the result of a lagging cellphone camera and tickly rugs. i like this picture, because my lashes look so long here whee and oh why am i always in white? because thats my work-uniform hahaha i rather like it, the easygoing uniform and the little time i need to get ready. though i seem to always get complains from the manager and such that my hair's messy. somehow, something is always wrong with my appearance hahaha too little of this, too much of that. by the way, my hair's not messy, am messy. and i like it that way. organised chaos, i'd rather call it. hair, room, wardrobe, makeup, life. i do enjoy the occasional cleaning up though, its a strange pleasure.

vanilla coke is the best. especially when there's not much gas left, with a couple of icecubes in it. soggy fries too, the best indeed! and soft cookies, yums! i have a rather odd taste, dont i hahahaha and egg yolks swallowed whole. people seem to find my way of having soft-boiled eggs amusing. well, i find it amusing that they  find it amusing. ahh i want to go to mini's birthday party! she'll be doing it at her house so i want to see mike and buttercup blossom too, despite all those rumours about mike HAHAHA and i just want to party! and go to melaka! and makan cendol and satay babi! hahaha speaking of which, ever since i reached kuantan i havent had any cendol or ABC at all omg how can!! in fact we hardly even go yumcha in the daytime anymore boo this sucks yo!

why do i feel like i've revealed so much about myself today? i cant decide if its a good or bad thing hahaha in any case, goodnight. i've got some other nonsense to look into online. my friends always wonder, what is there to do onlining for so long? dont one get bored of the same thing over and over again? well, they dont know ARASHI, do they. (^_-)☆

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Orchard River?!

 check this out!

shocking, isnt it?

but but but.

in the midst of all the er teh-tarik floodwaters,
there is matsumoto jun!

though, speaking of singapore, there's a massive sale there omg cotton on!! and the kids oh how i missed the kids. and the chance to see jun-kun on the busses, ah to go or not to go??

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


yeth im back! with a handful of camwhoreful pictures because i have discovered the wonderful joys of makeup! i know, i only feel like taking pictures when i look decent enough, hence the ones posted up are usually the really nice ones hahahaha like, duh right.

i dont own enough plain white tops.

so lets see, what shall i talk about today? :D
ah "the most happening place in town" had a minor flood today! stinky air-longkang kinda flood somemore, its was quite a commotion. and poor starbucks, they had a massive flood, the staff (and the MANAGER herself) had to fold up their jeans and went barefoot cleaning up the non-stop-flowing water! then the manager came to have a little chat with us and ah she's so friendly and sporting, and so are all the starbucks staff! what a fun bunch of people! luckily for us, our flooding was a minor one, controllable. but from what i heard, those maintenance people that opened up the pipes got a real splash, a real terribly stinky splash. how pitiful! 

said wonders of makeup:
gahh ever since i gotten my pay i've been craving for starbucks max.

no, actually i've been craving for chocolate max. and cakes. anything loaded with sugar, really. and every time, usually late at night, i get hit by this massive craving, i'd go to the fridge and open it. only to find, nothing. all chocolate supplies goneeeee T______T next stock up will probably be next year, since so far no one has plans to come back to malaysia. yeah, i get my stash of cocoa from relatives coming back from overseas. you know what they say, once you've gone imported chocs you'd never go back. local chocs suck max. 

oh merci, rafaello, rittersport, bounty, aftereight and  even plain old cadbury

ok i dont know what else to say. oh yeah lets discuss more recent issues like te whole results-are-out-ohmaigawd and ohmaigawd-what-do-i-register-for thing that's been going on. my say on results? neutral. average. it has always been like this, right? i just dont really care about what i get, as long as i passed everything and im not the lowest. i dont get people who get suicidal just because they didnt score a full 4.0, or because they get a B. isnt it just ridiculous? or perhaps im the one with a problem, considering how lacking in ambition and life-goals i am. really, i have no purpose in life, i just want to live happily doing the things i like. though one thing that irked me much recently was the fact that something i really really want, i cant seem to grasp hold of it. 

i want to minor in japanese, that's what. of all the things i've taken, decided and considered, this is the only thing that i seriously want. and i apparently cant, because of the timetable clashes. isnt it unfair, for someone to change their minors just because of overlaps in the schedule? isnt a minor kinda a huge deal? to have someone to change it so carelessly, isnt that prove that something is wrong somewhere with the system? i want this, and i'll do what it takes.

( of course, i say that now. when im being made to hafal 8523761 kanjis in a week, i'll probably just slit a wrist or something wtf )

somehow this topic became so serious suddenly hahaha lets lighten this up with something funny that happened recently!




right. ok this isnt funny or anything, but i recently got three FREE pairs of contact lenses from cibavision! you know how everyone was advertising about this thing on their blogs, so i went ahead a give it a shot, registered at the cibavision site and a couple weeks later, a package in my mailbox! they're daily disposables though so this will only last me, like, three days? (obviously right, someone would say) :D

rainie yang, face of cibavision wtf
they're actually just transparent with dark brown rims on the sides to make the er blackblackthingintheeyes look bigger aka more kawaii aka lalamui wtf.


(screams the kampung girl)

you know, despite my taste for the finer (aka expensive) things in life, i have my small-town-kampung-girl tastes as well. what i mean is, i may seem to really enjoy a rather lavish western cuisine all the time, but in the end, i still very much enjoy a typical pasar-malam-meal or perhaps some mango dipped in soysauce+sugar as well. yeah, the latter is just omfg awesome! and steamed tapioca/sweetpotato, possibly the best thing ever since sliced bread!

i hereby declare myself the best cook ever!

in my own definitions, that is. i love cooking, i think.  but. i can only cook according to what suits my tastes. ask me to cook things like lemon chicken or chicken curry, i'd probably ask you to fuck off but give me some random materials and i'd be able to come up with a fusion of unclassified delicious meal that only i myself will enjoy very much. its weird, isnt it? like the other day, i had some leftover pasta sauce and bread. what i did, i combined the sauce, bread, eggs and some dried herbs into a non-stick pan and fried ahead. even added some granola-biscuits for bulk. and it was omfgawesomesaucesome. odd, but still omfgawesomesaucesome.

why am i suddenly revealing so many things about myself hahaha will now end this with a picture of yours truly. 

 in the kitchen, no less.

p/s: yes, due to lack of sun exposure, i am surely getting fairer each day! which is just awesomeeee, because the other day, in the dark settings of medan feri even that charannigecha noticed that i turned darker ever since university life! though i believe all this fairness will be gone in less than 2 days after starting the new semester FML car wash and stupid orientationexploracentahapa  FML MAX.

p/p/s: gawd i've turned boring! i used to be so funnily clever and witty with such a touch of sarcasm (syok sendiri much?) in my earlier-in-life posts but now i've turned maddeningly BORING gahhhh i have lost my spark. HATES. MAXIMUM HATES. *emos

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dont bother

just because im so in the mood for fangirling today! having first saw Arashi's new single: MONSTER live performance, i didn't quite like it, it was odd and rather un-arashi-like but ever since the PV (promo video, jap-speak for music video) came out damn im hooked!

the shop photos everyone's been waiting for!
 taken here 

the dance moves and choreography are pretty interesting (or oddly fascinating, depending on how you see it) and i must confess, i even had some parts (unconsciously) memorised to the point of noting a little mistake Nino made while performing in Music Station recently. with such intricate dance moves, one cannot help keeping one's eyes on Ohno all the time, boy that boy can sure dance! his moves are so perfectly executed and sharp! i was watching his solo, Kumorinochi Kaisei PV and was just so mesmerised by his simple (but gorgeous, nonetheless) moves. respect max.

too pretty

btw, silly nino saying he's much more hebat now with 30 packs (instead of 6 ) after he got some fanmails complimenting him on his 6 packs =____=  the things he says sometimes, its unbelievably exaggerated!

btw am watching ryusei no kizuna now, starring incredibly pretty people : nino, nishikidoryo and erikatoda. nino's acting skills, unbeatable.

i bet this post made absolutely no sense to you at all.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the sungai soi parang massacre

was calculating my pay for the past 2 weeks of hard work and it feels great to say that things look pretty good, if i may say so myself. suddenly, the phrase "aku kaya, aku banyak harta" (Uda&Dara musical) comes to mind. it's decided then, when the day comes that i do get my pay, that status will be up! :D

i already have several things in mind for payday:

#1: pay for transport, most important!
#2: get aiba's drama: MY GIRL.

yeah that's about it wtf.

oh oh #3: japanese food at ChaCha!

wait a minute. *counts again  「(゚ペ)
ahh ChaCha's expensive, so maybe its either aiba's drama or ChaCha. shit, decision making time. stress aku.

ah biarlah. let the future me decide.

i know, you must be thinking, what's with the frequent update? its blogging season again yo! i think this is heavily motivated by the fact that knowing some people still do read this (mucho loves you alls, all three of you wtf) and that today i went somewhere pretty awesome for the first time! though when people tell me they read my blog, or when i get response, i feel very much encouraged to blog more! this may sound rather full-of-myself ish but thats just how it is, for me.

tip #1 for a pretty picture: use a lousy camera 
tip #2: edit with cool effect wtf

but let me just say this first, homemade food specially packed for you is great! especially those that comes in ZARA paper bags hahaha seriously though, nothing beats the feeling of someone preparing food for you, to know that they thought of you and put in effort to make you happy. however average the food may be, it still feels great to be eating it and think "so delicious".  ah it makes me so happy too! though i cant believe i finished a whole icecream-tupperware of rice, curry and veges! not that im complaining.

being totally not in the mood to go out, was suddenly persuaded to join them out tonight! since we were going to pick akid up, it was decided that we lepaks in Santai since its nearby. it was my first time there and oh lawdy that place is in fact quite nice, and pretty pretty too!

too pretty.

was lead upstairs where we had to take off our shoes and sit on the floor, very japanese! i had chocolate milk shake (RM3.50) and yeah the drinks are so worth the price! nomilicous! we should so go there for a full proper meal sometime! after i get my pay, that is.

salam 1malaysia wtf
just realised how muhibbah this is hahaha indian melayu chinese and lainlain! :D

went roaming around pantai sepat right after that, with the road so dark and the plain bareness of the area, gahhh it was rather scary. sounds like a typical B-grade low-budget horror movie: a couple, with two of their friends, driving in the middle of the night in a lonely area. passing by numerous stray cows, their eyes shining bright, though somewhat demented. very the sungai soi parang massacre, no? and pantai sepat after midnight, not recommended at all. cho creepy, somehow a bad feeling creeps up, what with the huge trees with twisted unnaturally (product of imagination?) branches and the nobody-but-us-is-around factor. *quickly drives away   ε-(´・`) フー

akid may be afraid of the tok imams but heck i think im more afraid of other things, if you know what i mean. hahahaha i've always been afraid of such things, doesnt help that im sleeping alone tonight. of a totally unrelated topic, i've come to accept my situation now, i suppose it doesnt bother me as much anymore. i think, just like what ohno said, whatever is it that im experiencing now must have a meaning in my life right? and with that, i think sometimes i could sacrifice a little, for what i would gain in the future? i guess i cant always have the life that i want, and that what im doing now will be rewarded in the future? ah lets hope so.

life is hard だからhappyでしょう?