Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the curious tale of the bananas

locked the doors as usual, closed the curtains and fed the fish. 
 nothing seemed out of place, nothing seemed unusual.

tossed my stuff on the chair and headed towards the room.




there it is, on the dining table!

a couple of bananas!! 

(yellow for effect. ニノ
  what is it doing there?? 
why is it there?? 
  when did it got there??
how did it reached there??
what's the meaning of its existence??

im so shocked i cant say anything more.

btw i was feeling hungry and wanted to get some biscuits, so i walked to the kitchen and somehow the feeling of wanting to eat went away so i came back towards the room and in a split second i felt like eating again so ohwhattheheck i went and grabbed some biscuits.

and now the thunder's being scary! what if it blacks out; i wouldnt know what to do!

exciting isnt it, my life and everything. 

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