Wednesday, June 9, 2010

dont bother

just because im so in the mood for fangirling today! having first saw Arashi's new single: MONSTER live performance, i didn't quite like it, it was odd and rather un-arashi-like but ever since the PV (promo video, jap-speak for music video) came out damn im hooked!

the shop photos everyone's been waiting for!
 taken here 

the dance moves and choreography are pretty interesting (or oddly fascinating, depending on how you see it) and i must confess, i even had some parts (unconsciously) memorised to the point of noting a little mistake Nino made while performing in Music Station recently. with such intricate dance moves, one cannot help keeping one's eyes on Ohno all the time, boy that boy can sure dance! his moves are so perfectly executed and sharp! i was watching his solo, Kumorinochi Kaisei PV and was just so mesmerised by his simple (but gorgeous, nonetheless) moves. respect max.

too pretty

btw, silly nino saying he's much more hebat now with 30 packs (instead of 6 ) after he got some fanmails complimenting him on his 6 packs =____=  the things he says sometimes, its unbelievably exaggerated!

btw am watching ryusei no kizuna now, starring incredibly pretty people : nino, nishikidoryo and erikatoda. nino's acting skills, unbeatable.

i bet this post made absolutely no sense to you at all.

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