Saturday, June 26, 2010

good weather ☼

i dont really have a point in blogging today, so imma just spill some stuff thats going around my head at the moment and add some pictures to fill it up hahaha like, i was just watching an episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan and there's this segment where they have to answer a few questions then this bunch of people will judge their answers, the ARASHI member who suck at answering would be thrown into a pool of ice

which reminds me of the episode when Nino got thrown in and he casually strolled out of the pool (the other members usually pretty much freak and run out of the pool ASAP) and took off his shirt to reveal Those Abs ohmaigawd o.O

anyways, as i was saying, there was this question:  こんな女性に弱い。

which loosely translated means weakness for this kind of girls?
and the im not writing the japanese/chinese characters to showoff okays its for my own learning, i learnt quite a few kanjis from watching all the japanese variety shows because they have a tendency to write the funny things the people said on the screen so, yeah.  :D

i like Ohno's answer in which he said he likes girls that arent afraid to show their boyishness and Aiba's answer about a girl's surprising ability to do something like playing the piano or pitching a tent.  and this made me think about what is MY weakness for guys. this is rather embarrassing for me to say so publicly but well, i really like guys that are great with children. Gawd forbid i find most kids annoying but to see a guy play so naturally and happily with kids, isnt that a pleasantly suprising side of him? i really like that.



look how close they are, apparently after the shooting ended, when she goes to school she'll say  いてきます to aiba's poster in her room! and she calls him "masaki-nii", which is just so cute because nobody calls anybody by their first name unless they're like really close! (*≧▽≦)

(hahahaha somehow, everything seems connected with ARASHI )

ah its already very nearly 9PM, gotta get ready soon for yumcha! and lulu's back in town and we're going out tomorrow yays! :D

oh and i've been waking up in the mornings lately (as opposed to the mid-afternoon wake-ups) and what better way to celebrate the glorious morning sunshine than to go jogging camwhore? seriously even in ANTM it has always been said that morning light is the best to take pictures in. add a little curtains and a little makeup and bam, a geat picture is taken. the miracles of morning light, even a crummy truck-icecream can look like haagendazs icecream. proof: current facebook profile picture. call me a cheat whatever, who doesnt want to look decent once in a while.

because mornings are for taking pictures, besides hating the world.

i'd always noticed this, that when i dont have any particular facial expression set, i always look sad/emo/troubled. even when im spacing off somewhere, people would ask if im okay because i look so sad/emo/troubled. i dont! its just how my face is contructed! see, i dont have much expression in the picture above and yet i look rather sad/emo/troubled (ok am getting tired of repeatedly typing this), its even worse when im like genuinely zoning out! ahh im so jealous of people who look peaceful and very obviously expressionless, or even people who look cheerful even when they dont make any facial expressions! ( ̄へ ̄)

though with that said, i think, to others, my facial expressions are very easy to read. im honestly quite afraid of that hahaha i dont want to be read that easily! when i hear someone say "ah when she looks like that, she's thinking real hard about something"   or being told that i have a "difficult-decision-making look' makes me think : oh no! it sucks to have other people know what you're thinking or what you're feeling. it's rather contradicting to what most people want, i know, heck even sometimes i wish to have people who really understand me but still, to be read that easily, ちょっとこわいでしょう?(ini baru showoffnyer)

because the best ones are the ones taken by accident.

behold, the result of a lagging cellphone camera and tickly rugs. i like this picture, because my lashes look so long here whee and oh why am i always in white? because thats my work-uniform hahaha i rather like it, the easygoing uniform and the little time i need to get ready. though i seem to always get complains from the manager and such that my hair's messy. somehow, something is always wrong with my appearance hahaha too little of this, too much of that. by the way, my hair's not messy, am messy. and i like it that way. organised chaos, i'd rather call it. hair, room, wardrobe, makeup, life. i do enjoy the occasional cleaning up though, its a strange pleasure.

vanilla coke is the best. especially when there's not much gas left, with a couple of icecubes in it. soggy fries too, the best indeed! and soft cookies, yums! i have a rather odd taste, dont i hahahaha and egg yolks swallowed whole. people seem to find my way of having soft-boiled eggs amusing. well, i find it amusing that they  find it amusing. ahh i want to go to mini's birthday party! she'll be doing it at her house so i want to see mike and buttercup blossom too, despite all those rumours about mike HAHAHA and i just want to party! and go to melaka! and makan cendol and satay babi! hahaha speaking of which, ever since i reached kuantan i havent had any cendol or ABC at all omg how can!! in fact we hardly even go yumcha in the daytime anymore boo this sucks yo!

why do i feel like i've revealed so much about myself today? i cant decide if its a good or bad thing hahaha in any case, goodnight. i've got some other nonsense to look into online. my friends always wonder, what is there to do onlining for so long? dont one get bored of the same thing over and over again? well, they dont know ARASHI, do they. (^_-)☆

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