Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the sungai soi parang massacre

was calculating my pay for the past 2 weeks of hard work and it feels great to say that things look pretty good, if i may say so myself. suddenly, the phrase "aku kaya, aku banyak harta" (Uda&Dara musical) comes to mind. it's decided then, when the day comes that i do get my pay, that status will be up! :D

i already have several things in mind for payday:

#1: pay for transport, most important!
#2: get aiba's drama: MY GIRL.

yeah that's about it wtf.

oh oh #3: japanese food at ChaCha!

wait a minute. *counts again  「(゚ペ)
ahh ChaCha's expensive, so maybe its either aiba's drama or ChaCha. shit, decision making time. stress aku.

ah biarlah. let the future me decide.

i know, you must be thinking, what's with the frequent update? its blogging season again yo! i think this is heavily motivated by the fact that knowing some people still do read this (mucho loves you alls, all three of you wtf) and that today i went somewhere pretty awesome for the first time! though when people tell me they read my blog, or when i get response, i feel very much encouraged to blog more! this may sound rather full-of-myself ish but thats just how it is, for me.

tip #1 for a pretty picture: use a lousy camera 
tip #2: edit with cool effect wtf

but let me just say this first, homemade food specially packed for you is great! especially those that comes in ZARA paper bags hahaha seriously though, nothing beats the feeling of someone preparing food for you, to know that they thought of you and put in effort to make you happy. however average the food may be, it still feels great to be eating it and think "so delicious".  ah it makes me so happy too! though i cant believe i finished a whole icecream-tupperware of rice, curry and veges! not that im complaining.

being totally not in the mood to go out, was suddenly persuaded to join them out tonight! since we were going to pick akid up, it was decided that we lepaks in Santai since its nearby. it was my first time there and oh lawdy that place is in fact quite nice, and pretty pretty too!

too pretty.

was lead upstairs where we had to take off our shoes and sit on the floor, very japanese! i had chocolate milk shake (RM3.50) and yeah the drinks are so worth the price! nomilicous! we should so go there for a full proper meal sometime! after i get my pay, that is.

salam 1malaysia wtf
just realised how muhibbah this is hahaha indian melayu chinese and lainlain! :D

went roaming around pantai sepat right after that, with the road so dark and the plain bareness of the area, gahhh it was rather scary. sounds like a typical B-grade low-budget horror movie: a couple, with two of their friends, driving in the middle of the night in a lonely area. passing by numerous stray cows, their eyes shining bright, though somewhat demented. very the sungai soi parang massacre, no? and pantai sepat after midnight, not recommended at all. cho creepy, somehow a bad feeling creeps up, what with the huge trees with twisted unnaturally (product of imagination?) branches and the nobody-but-us-is-around factor. *quickly drives away   ε-(´・`) フー

akid may be afraid of the tok imams but heck i think im more afraid of other things, if you know what i mean. hahahaha i've always been afraid of such things, doesnt help that im sleeping alone tonight. of a totally unrelated topic, i've come to accept my situation now, i suppose it doesnt bother me as much anymore. i think, just like what ohno said, whatever is it that im experiencing now must have a meaning in my life right? and with that, i think sometimes i could sacrifice a little, for what i would gain in the future? i guess i cant always have the life that i want, and that what im doing now will be rewarded in the future? ah lets hope so.

life is hard だからhappyでしょう?

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