Tuesday, June 15, 2010


yeth im back! with a handful of camwhoreful pictures because i have discovered the wonderful joys of makeup! i know, i only feel like taking pictures when i look decent enough, hence the ones posted up are usually the really nice ones hahahaha like, duh right.

i dont own enough plain white tops.

so lets see, what shall i talk about today? :D
ah "the most happening place in town" had a minor flood today! stinky air-longkang kinda flood somemore, its was quite a commotion. and poor starbucks, they had a massive flood, the staff (and the MANAGER herself) had to fold up their jeans and went barefoot cleaning up the non-stop-flowing water! then the manager came to have a little chat with us and ah she's so friendly and sporting, and so are all the starbucks staff! what a fun bunch of people! luckily for us, our flooding was a minor one, controllable. but from what i heard, those maintenance people that opened up the pipes got a real splash, a real terribly stinky splash. how pitiful! 

said wonders of makeup:
gahh ever since i gotten my pay i've been craving for starbucks max.

no, actually i've been craving for chocolate max. and cakes. anything loaded with sugar, really. and every time, usually late at night, i get hit by this massive craving, i'd go to the fridge and open it. only to find, nothing. all chocolate supplies goneeeee T______T next stock up will probably be next year, since so far no one has plans to come back to malaysia. yeah, i get my stash of cocoa from relatives coming back from overseas. you know what they say, once you've gone imported chocs you'd never go back. local chocs suck max. 

oh merci, rafaello, rittersport, bounty, aftereight and  even plain old cadbury

ok i dont know what else to say. oh yeah lets discuss more recent issues like te whole results-are-out-ohmaigawd and ohmaigawd-what-do-i-register-for thing that's been going on. my say on results? neutral. average. it has always been like this, right? i just dont really care about what i get, as long as i passed everything and im not the lowest. i dont get people who get suicidal just because they didnt score a full 4.0, or because they get a B. isnt it just ridiculous? or perhaps im the one with a problem, considering how lacking in ambition and life-goals i am. really, i have no purpose in life, i just want to live happily doing the things i like. though one thing that irked me much recently was the fact that something i really really want, i cant seem to grasp hold of it. 

i want to minor in japanese, that's what. of all the things i've taken, decided and considered, this is the only thing that i seriously want. and i apparently cant, because of the timetable clashes. isnt it unfair, for someone to change their minors just because of overlaps in the schedule? isnt a minor kinda a huge deal? to have someone to change it so carelessly, isnt that prove that something is wrong somewhere with the system? i want this, and i'll do what it takes.

( of course, i say that now. when im being made to hafal 8523761 kanjis in a week, i'll probably just slit a wrist or something wtf )

somehow this topic became so serious suddenly hahaha lets lighten this up with something funny that happened recently!




right. ok this isnt funny or anything, but i recently got three FREE pairs of contact lenses from cibavision! you know how everyone was advertising about this thing on their blogs, so i went ahead a give it a shot, registered at the cibavision site and a couple weeks later, a package in my mailbox! they're daily disposables though so this will only last me, like, three days? (obviously right, someone would say) :D

rainie yang, face of cibavision wtf
they're actually just transparent with dark brown rims on the sides to make the er blackblackthingintheeyes look bigger aka more kawaii aka lalamui wtf.


(screams the kampung girl)

you know, despite my taste for the finer (aka expensive) things in life, i have my small-town-kampung-girl tastes as well. what i mean is, i may seem to really enjoy a rather lavish western cuisine all the time, but in the end, i still very much enjoy a typical pasar-malam-meal or perhaps some mango dipped in soysauce+sugar as well. yeah, the latter is just omfg awesome! and steamed tapioca/sweetpotato, possibly the best thing ever since sliced bread!

i hereby declare myself the best cook ever!

in my own definitions, that is. i love cooking, i think.  but. i can only cook according to what suits my tastes. ask me to cook things like lemon chicken or chicken curry, i'd probably ask you to fuck off but give me some random materials and i'd be able to come up with a fusion of unclassified delicious meal that only i myself will enjoy very much. its weird, isnt it? like the other day, i had some leftover pasta sauce and bread. what i did, i combined the sauce, bread, eggs and some dried herbs into a non-stick pan and fried ahead. even added some granola-biscuits for bulk. and it was omfgawesomesaucesome. odd, but still omfgawesomesaucesome.

why am i suddenly revealing so many things about myself hahaha will now end this with a picture of yours truly. 

 in the kitchen, no less.

p/s: yes, due to lack of sun exposure, i am surely getting fairer each day! which is just awesomeeee, because the other day, in the dark settings of medan feri even that charannigecha noticed that i turned darker ever since university life! though i believe all this fairness will be gone in less than 2 days after starting the new semester FML car wash and stupid orientationexploracentahapa  FML MAX.

p/p/s: gawd i've turned boring! i used to be so funnily clever and witty with such a touch of sarcasm (syok sendiri much?) in my earlier-in-life posts but now i've turned maddeningly BORING gahhhh i have lost my spark. HATES. MAXIMUM HATES. *emos


  1. the freshlooks are super comfy! :)

  2. They're alright! :) I've used Bausch and Lomb and gosh those were terrible! Wore them for a couple hours and my head and eyes would hurt >___<