Thursday, July 29, 2010

booked on thursday evenings..

..for THIS!!
on air now is VS Arashi and later tonight, Himitsu no Arashi chan! 
Arashi on variety shows are the best! 
im super glad there's only an hour of time difference!
and found out just now that Hakim is going to Japan OMG I HATE HIM!
no, i hate EVERYONE who goes to japan! 
like, maximum hate!
no wait.
i think i hate MY life more, FML.
_| ̄|○  *emo
 here's my lappie wallpaper yesterday.
today, there's about 30 more stuff there!
videos, videos and more videos!
ARASHI, but of course!  
didnt i mention that site i found where i can stream/download ARASHI videos yesterday?
yeah, that. hence, that. 
|・ω・`) *hides

watched the first episode of MatsuJun's new drama: 
Niji no Koi wa Nijiro ni Kagayaku.
(totally copied and pasted. its impossible to remember!)
wasnt that good; boring storyline.
a very been-there-done-that kind of feeling!
somehow, i like the commercial though.
(the screencaps)
though i've totally gotten over MatsuJun HAHAHA.
have to admit that the only saving grace is him though. and her. 
 because nino's a fan of hers.
for like what, 10 years?
oi! said jun.
as nino interrupted him to pass some flowers over to her.
in a suit.
did i mention how i like VS Arashi shows, because everything's so colourful! 
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ *cheery

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1009 vs 1370

eight hours. eight freaking  hours.

that's how long it took me to settle my PTPTN nonsense.

went to the DUP hall yesterday afternoon only to be told that the ran out of numbers, so i had to come back in the morning. 8.30AM, i went there to find the queue so bloody long! when i finally got my number, it said this:

my number: 1370.
the number currently in process: 1009 WTF.

i was already skipping my 8AM jap class then. waited, waited and waited. three hours passed and the number barely reached 1100. luckily, i met some coursemates of mine and since they were waiting, i told him to let me know when the number reaches 1300; because i'd decided to go for the 11AM jap class (another group but same teacher), skipping my 11AM Advertising class instead. after class, i rushed back to DUP only to find the number at 1100+ WTF. sakit hati max. skipped my 2AM Campaign tutorial as well, thus missing abuela, mukhlis and aya's presentation!! waited till hungry max so i went back to my room for a couple minutes to put my books and grab some food. went back to DUP again. waited, waited and waited. until 4.30PM FML.


*takes deep breath

so anyways imma start this little thing today, where i'll try posting up the five things that made me happy each day. as for today:

#1: met coursemates in DUP who offered to report back to me the numbers while i went for Jap class.
#2: bus was about to leave when driver saw me walking/running and decided to wait! yays!
#3: made it to Jap class in time!
#4: ARASHI's song from the upcoming album is being used for Japan Airlines TV commercial! :D
#5: great dinner, and dessert! and gossip! hehe! 

yays! oh oh and a bonus!

#6: found a site that posted up a couple ARASHI videos, and usm didnt block it yet

ah the past few days have been so hectic, barely got enough sleep and the list of things to do was just crazy! plus, we had the PERKOM Interaction Day to plan out, which was crazy tiring but totally fun! and i slipped down the shallow drain WTF quote of the day: "my converse!!!" even the people who werent there came up to me and asked if its true i fell down in front of all the juniors/seniors/coursemates/lecturers FML. took loads of piccas and ohhh we partied the night before teehee! play hard and work hard, eh? but those are stories for another time. for now, im just going to enjoy this rare night with nothing to do, and go on fangirling. tahs!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


(aka another iARASHI post)

because i already posted up like three status updates on facebook and any more my friends will all delete me for spamming their homepage. especially that jerwin person hmph. lets not even go to the fact that i have my lecturer on my friends list as well wtf.

so here's more spamming and random rantation. because my head hurts like fuck and im bloody tired even though i have a solid 11 hours of sleep last night wtf.

anyways yah i've been watching [MAOU] the past couple days. from that stack of DVDs i got in KL, i've decided to watch this drama first because well, i wanted to keep the best for the last. last as in Ryusei no Kizuna starring Ninomiya Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo and Toda Erika. Nino, my ichiban (or Aiba, depending on my mood really)! i even stopped watching Aiba's [My Girl] halfway because its so beautifully heartbreaking and i dont want it to ever end so imma save it for later days. i have weird logic, i know hahahaha. anyways, i was all sceptical of MAOU because well, im not that  into Ohno (though i love watching him in motion) and honestly the cover of the DVD's not that enticing.




its like this and its like that and Ohno's oh-so-sigh and then suddenly its like that already!

dont get what i mean? me neither. nothing makes real sense when fangirl-mode in MAJOR ON. but thats the beauty of it! :D

so MAOU (vaguely translated into er Demon King la wtf) its basically about this guy seeking revenge. his plottings and schemings to indirectly kill the loved ones of his main target, all the while keeping his reputation as the "Angel Lawyer" intact. i love it, the subtle changes of his facial expressions. the walls that the character builds, with his calm, controlled self. and how those walls break down when he's alone, reminiscing about the past. watching him fall for the girl and fighting his inner demons; you can clearly see what is he thinking just by looking at his eyes! call me a Do-S, but i just like to see them boys all emotional and angsty

 who knew this guy could act yo.

to me, he'd always been the quietly random, spaced-out Leader of ARASHI, occasionally dorky; the one that every member somehow fawns over. possibly the most talented one and yet, the way he always look so genuinely surprised when his solo/drama/dancingskills/voice get praised, or tops a chart or two didnt he once said in an interview that he didnt like being looked at and he'd prefer it if nobody really notices him? the one that wears whatever clothes his mom buys for him and whose hobby is getting a tan then being scolded by the Jimusho fishing & painting. the one who goes for second (even third!) helpings of food in TV shows and has a tendency to stay quiet throughout those TV shows as well! to sum it all up, he's the most unidol-like idol ever; but that's his major charm that earns him that  many crazy fans, i suppose.

HAHA cant believe this is Naruse!
(the character he plays in MAOU)
(this is one of those behind-the-scenes thing)

i think pretty much everybody would think that they already know from the start the real identity and true motive behind all the schemings, BUT i dont think anybody expect them to twist it that  way. like i said, i got hooked. it kept me wondering, like, "ehh wait a minute, if he's that person..then why did he..?! or is he not that  person really?!"   and the heart goes all boomboomboom and excited, you know. and this kinda suspense/mystery/whatever genre of drama was never exactly my cup of tea. the things being a fangirl does to you (*´ο`*)=3 *sighs

plus, Touma Ikuta = eye candy

i like him way better here than in Hachikuro. though i seemed to notice that in about 80% of his scenes as the detective (and target of Naruse's revenge), he's always always  running around! everything also must lari sini lari sana, cannot take train or drive or grab a taxi whatever is it! as if tokyo's so small like that right hahahah assuming that it is  set in Tokyo, that is. but whatever; angsty emotional Touma Ikuta is uber watchable. so yeah, im hooked. *repeats self

 special note

yes, behold the power of Ohmiya. as in Ohno + Ninomiya. as in awesomeness. as in they're friggin' holding hands!

(and Nino's holding a pack of cards. probably in the midst of practising his magic tricks again?)

it was just a guest-starring role in the first episode, absolutely no effect on the plot whatsoever, but still, very very notable. i mean, i totally ship the Ohmiya duo. and do let me know which Ohmiya-shipper wouldnt like a scene where one of them is pushed against the wall by the other? kyaa-worthy much? absofuckinglutely.

 uhm..kiss? ;D

ok the end hahahaha other than these drama, i havent really been getting my doses of happysparklyrainbowsandsunshine boys (aka ARASHI, duhs.) due to the recent blocking of those file-downloading sites by this certain hotspot! cisness! i seriously think im addicted to them! though i did downloaded the KeyHoleTV programme that lets me watch japanese tv+radio channels in live time, but the quality's so-so only and the ARASHI media-time-schedule dont really fit mine FML. on the bright side, i was randomly surfing the channels and suddenly [To Be Free] was playing on BayFM!! got suuuuuper excited!! now im just hoping to catch VS Arashi and Himitsu no Arashi-chan this thursday! because no ARASHI = low テンション! 八(^□^*) *prays

making of [To Be Free] PV

by the way i totally love my new roommate! because she's hardly ever in the room and she often doesnt even come back at nights hahahaha not that she's a bad person or anything, i just really enjoy being alone in the room. like, really really enjoy hahahaha! xD

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

let them eat cake! ☆彡

sunny afternoons like these are one of my major weaknesses, alongside being in moving vehicles for an extended period of time. i cannot help but feel all sleepy and sluggish. what with the light breeze and soft fluffy pillows that felt oddly cool against my skin, i began to feel the first symptoms of an afternoon nap! hahahaha and it didnt help that i was blissfully fangirling (Maou! ) lying down on the bed!

ah what the hell, i decided to take a little nap, hoping to be able to wake up before me 8.30PM meeting later tonight 

(but not really bothering to set the alarm, decided to leave it to fate instead hahahaha!).

fate had other plans, apparently. just as i was in the zone where i wasnt really awake yet i wasnt fully asleep yet; you know the moment when youre thinking some stuff out just before you sleep and somehow it turns all wildly fantastical and you know its sort of a dream but not really coz you're not that asleep yet kinda feeling? oh you dont? you freak, you. anyways hahaha yeah my phone started ringing to the tone of Arashi's [Monster♪]. i was reluctant to answer it; turns out it was my mom; no choice. blablablablakthxbai. fine, thought i'd try going back to sleep again, though somehow the bed wasnt as comfy as before already boo. phychological effect? you  tell me, abuelatan, intans and the other three acting students minoring in psychology *bitter wtf
lek lu, commercial break lu.

then it rang again. barely 10 minutes after the first one came, it freakin rang again! this time; Arashi's [Attack It!♪] played. who could it possibly be?! it was my uncle, or at least thats what it said on Caller ID. the voice on the other side of the phone turned out to be my German cousin though! blablablablakthxbai.


obviously not.

 so we've reached the end of the story. here i am, wide awake and facebook just refuses to load.

imma now post up pictures of yummy food just to annoy you.
as you know, i was in klang recently, just before school started. malacca too. oh and kl too. hehe.

delicious. pretty. sinful. MAXIMUM UMAI.

 these were the ones i had with abuela, mini, QQ and Tucktuck at the Gardens. oh i forgot, its ALEXIS, this place. and it is mindfuckingly awesome max max max! SO MAX CAN DIE! it was so max i never thought i'd see abuela and mini get so excited about something sweet! usually im the only one going around craving for sugar hahahaha! we went there for desserts, just  for desserts; ordered five plates of different cakes/meringue/brownie/whatever and dug in like nobody's business! i could so do this everyday hahahaha! the best one was still the meringue with that load of strawberries and blueberries, hence the extra-large picture fpr emphasis teehee.

it was so good i went there again the next day! (*≧▽≦)

hi mom!! *waves!
 this time we had the pavlova! more stwawbewwies omnomnoms! ☆彡

but not before stopping for some SUBWAY sandwiches. and porridge with yao char kwai. hehe.

ohs. am hungrys naos. has meetings in an hours. mandis. late dinner agains?

oh yeah i dont think i told the tale of how i basically dragged everyone all over kl for my selfish obsession of all things ARASHI? well, yeah i basically dragged everyone all over kl for my selfish obsession of all things ARASHI. petaling street one night, detour to petaling street again the next day. even abuelatan's friends was somehow dragged into this! m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ 

Monday, July 19, 2010


now what have i been doing lately.

drinking green tea, i suppose. yeah, i drink green tea everyday. a nice hot cup; it's very soothing and calming.

 blue-striped mug.

and apparently i have the sentence-construction skills of a 5-year old. and im supposedly taking Creative Writing this semester. i highly doubt i'll do well though, for i dont have much of a creativity nor do i have any writing skills to boast of. gawd i really admire people who can really write well. and knowing that i'll never be able to write in their level just kills me. and these people dont even have to go to class and stuff! what i woudnt do to be able to write like that, i dont even know. and im talking about those fanfics that really menusuk jiwa kinda stories you know, you just sigh a long satisfied sighhhhh  and your heart feels all queer after reading them, its THAT  good.

see, even reading the paragraph above makes me want to delete it all and just stop saying anything. 

im embarassing myself here, who am i kidding. i shall go away and fangirl now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


ok im on a major ARASHI high here so indulge me. 
recently downloaded one of their tv shows, Arashi no Shukudai-kun episode #95 which was aired like 903841 years ago (2, to be precise) AND IT WAS HELL FUNNY. seriously i was trying so hard not to scare off my roommate laugh!

it was a special episode where they sort of filmed it like it was a live broadcast to save money wtf, without cutting, reshooting, editing and all that within a certain time limit and oh it was cho hilarious, them rushing to things and stuff! aiba was the sound/director/whatever person in charge of the various segments the have in the whole show and oh it was just so fun.

during the part where Sho had to do a backflip and after that he was totally freaked out being the most cowardly in Arashi, despite all those well-built muscles hahahaha here, you can see Nino adjusting his mic-pack-whatever thing after that while the others are still laughing at Sho's misery. as he was adjusting, the camera zoomed in and i er noticed something totally interesting!


there, that flash of bright blue. (clockwise sequence)

this may come off rather perverted 

this would be consistent with that one time where Aiba complained how Nino's underwears are always so flashy and brightly-coloured! :D  though i cant believe how on earth i manage to catch that one second, but oh boy im glad i did hahahaha now go ahead a judge me all you want, as if imma give a damn. 

anti-social nino
note how everybody is interacting and helping to fold the seaweed in such a hurry, and there's Nino spacing off/deep in thought/whateverjustnotbothered. i find it amusing. 

and is it just me, or did Ohno barely said anything in this entire episode?! all i remember him saying is "ah wakame!" and "konbu umai", thats it! this dude is seriously the most un-idol-like person ever!

gawd i love them dorky silly hyperactive boys.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


ohmaigawd the internet connection is so unbelievably good here im on a major downloading rampage (no limit YEAY!) ! and photos get uploaded in a second (exaggeration) so imma post up more piccas! and im listening to the ARASHI SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL TIME [コトバノシカラ] DVD (perlu ke pnjg sngt namanya) so im in a rather hyper mood here whoots! O(≧∇≦)O

#1: domokun got stuck!

you know i secretly believe i actually enjoy cleaning. i think i do, not all the time but yeah. i feel happy when something's all clean and touchable again. but im just too lazy to constantly clean all the time so hahaha its not going to be a recurrent thing, dont get too comfortable with the idea! just now, i hadnt anything to mop the floor with so to cheer myself up as well, i used my precious bodyshop passionfruit showergel; to wipe the dust too! now the room smells of passionfruit noms and im all cheered up again whoots! took me like 2 hours just to mop and wipe the dust of everywhere, coz the internet's so good i couldnt help surfing! yeah so i cant believe i brought (ABRUPT CHANGE OF SUBJECT, NO?) domokun back to kuantan and back to penang again! but its so adorable i couldnt resist! there he is, all squished up between my second pile of clothes and a bottle of....

oh lookie whats this? :D
yeah i had to lug it all the way here, effing heavy no kidding! 

its now nesting prettily on my shelf, im sorely tempted to just open and enjoy it myself hahahaha MUST. RESISTO. see the lengh of suffering i go for you, woman, you must love me much! HAHAHA by the way, was on facebook for a second and a certain friend of ours, she-who-must-not-be-named, finally opened an account! she, the facebook-hater and sceptical of all things technology (save her ipod), have a facebook account!  ∑(O_O;)Shock! i got all amused and stalkerish and everything and then i saw this at her info page:


HAHAHAHAH i literally laughed out loud! what greater good, exactly, this is not harrypotter!

so i pretty much have my stuff arranged nicely on the shelves, which produced this pretty sight, of which i am so proud of.

these, my friends, are the shitload of ARASHI-related DVDs i got during my trip to kl. imma list it all down now just because im obsessive like that. you may skip this part if you like.

#1: L'arc~en~ciel THEATRE OF KISS Tour 2007-2007 (ok NOT arashi, just had  to bring it though)
#2: Saigo no Yakusoku [Last Promise] (the movie with all five arashi members in it)(ok bought this a while ago)
#3: MY GIRL!! (the one i had to choose either this or jap food! with aiba in it!)
#4: MAOU (drama with ohno in it and like one episode of nino guest star!)
#5: Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru [Myu will give papa her legs] (curious how'd Jun play the role of a dad with this certain disease)
#7: Ryusei no Kizuna (nino + ryo + toda erika! )
#8: ARASHI SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL TIME [コトバノシカラ] (still playing it now )

uwahhh thats alot! i think the this all could be worth about RM300-RM400! especially the Laruku theatre of kiss one that i bought in singapore for like RM100++ only to find out its being sold for RM50+ in that Petaling Street shop wtf but yeah im happy i got so many stuff this trip! all from that shop, and they gave so much discounts! even the ARASHI concert DVDs that had 50% discount, they gave an extra 10% because i got so many stuff hahahaha happy max! too bad they didnt have the 5x10 Anniversary Tour DVD! but still, cho happy! total damage: RM190, with discounts! without discounts, it could probably reach RM300, especially the concert DVDs! i saw they were selling at Sg Wang for RM130 EACH wtf and i got two for RM80 whoots! (*≧▽≦)

 and all this, i express my maximum gratitude to the wonderful people that are abuelatan and minilim! without them, i dont know what i'd do! and abuelatan had all her friends to go petalingstreet too just so i, one person, could indulge in my "arashi nonsense" (quote arti)! i feel bad, i want to say sorry a thousand time but im just going to say thank you thank you THANKYOU! more on the kl/melaka/klang trip later, with pictures from camera! :D

omg my roommate just got here! *freakout

Saturday, July 10, 2010

to be free

this is entirely pointless; but necessary for my sanity.

i love it when they made a little mistake and i noticed! its very fun!

screencaps of their performance for the new single [To Be Free] on Music Station yesterday! screw Animax for not showing it! but isnt it amazing how it was just aired in Japan about 24 hours ago and already i've got a copy?

the wonderful powers of the internet, no doubt!

so there was this part where there was a long pause before the chorus and note how aiba (far right) already has the mike up and started singing way too early while everyone's still acting all cool and everything

what is ohno (far left) doing though HAHAHA his face HAHAHA

then he realised the mistake and started grinning while singing the proper chorus! cuticle max!

sho who was standing right behind him; was grinnning at the mistake too!
and giving him such  a look i couldnt help but skip a heartbeat

(its no secret, sho's my least favourite member. no doubt i am constantly amused by his uber hot half-nude anan pictures talent for failing; and total respect for being the Keio Boy+NewsZero newscaster but i just like the other members better sorry cant help it xD)

VAMPS was there too on Music Station, 
 HYDE's so blonde i love it!
i like the new single [MEMORIES], its very the old HYDE style. to be frank i dont quite like VAMPS punya music as much as i do HYDE's old albums like Roentgen and 666 but this song was quite 666-style so i like it! yays! :D

ok end of random fangirling thingies. where am i? im in ipoh now, back to uni tomorrow! am excited but am so NOT looking forward to carrying all my truckload of shit up to the second floor and unpacking max. gahhhhh.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

just because

serious aiba is too pretty for words ♥

hello goodbye

what a great day! well, to be precise, night! we didnt do anything spectacular nor did we go anywhere special, but such fun! i guess its the company that counts huh hehe but we did go to a certain japanese restaurant with the best. food. ever.

and no its not sushi bloody king or one of those over-commercialised mass-produced so-called japanese food restaurants bleargh its proper home-cooked style japanese food, thankyouverymuch. *defensive

anyways, we had fun and it was yummy! we arrived there almost 9pm but mari-san announced that the kitchen is already closed ohnoeswhatshallwedo because she had a golf tournament at 5am tomorrow boo but we whined so desperately that she gave in and we were the last customers instead ♥ 

walking pass, ahchiu conspirationally whispered to me to order something simple to make =____=  and made me take my own order wtf it wasnt on purpose, but we did  in the end order the simplest and easiest dishes, soba hahahaha it was good though, i love soba. and tenpura. and edamame. om nom noms. i enjoyed it max, and im glad stella did too! we had such fun chatting and catching up AND OHMAIGAWD TAIPEI'S SELLING LIKE LOADS OF ARASHI STUFF EVERYFUCKINGWHERE AND CHEAP-ASSLY TOO! AND SELLING THOSE AWESOME BRIGHTLY-COLOURED CELLPHONES USABLE IN MALAYSIA TOO!! (*≧▽≦) 

(can you tell im excited? HELL YEAH IM EXCITED are you fucking kidding me!)


(emot repeat for further emphasis)

taipei's officially on my list of to-go-to countries now, as a somewhat weak substitute of japan. because japan is always the unattainable #1, therefore the others on the list are just for the purpose of stocking up on japanese stuff. like, taipei to get ARASHI stuff. and singapore to get ARASHI stuff. and korea just because its near to japan, therefore more ARASHI stuff. thing like that you know. teehee. seriously though, am considering visiting taiwan. taipei. whatever. i swear i'll be there if ARASHI holds another concert there serious i'll just die and go. go and die. whichever gets me there quicker. really, i dont think im making much sense anymore.

oh yeah i was talking about chacha right. yes yes just as we were leaving, chatted with mari-san a little and ah she was so nice, it felt like leaving home. it was too bad i tak sempat meet up with ume-san and the rest sigh but she gave lots of encouragements and がんばってs then suddenly asked what did i drink just now? "ocha",  i answered and she went to the cupboard, dug around a little and came out with a packet of green tea. "for studying",  she said, because it helps to stay awake, very strong. 

gawd i miss everything/everyone there T_________________________T

with love

it ended with a またね and many warm いってらしゃいs.  (ヾ(´・ω・`) *waves

and i am such a dingdong i took a huge round around kuantan just now because #1, i confused stella's house with lumae's! its always like that, i'd always use the road to lumae's house by some sort of default! and #2, because it totally slipped my mind that stella'd already moved to another house, nearer to mine! major major fail! 

aint complaining though, driving around kuantan is total .

Friday, July 2, 2010

because this kanji is cute.

i've never been one to use an umbrella. even till now, my mom would always jokingly scold me for not using one during the rainy days. always, she would repeat, are you trying to be a hero?  somehow, i would always find this very funny, no matter how many times this situation would repeat itself. though this evening, it was raining quite heavily and my neighbour called me over, i had no choice but to use the umbrella. i took my time walking back home, mangoes in hand, and listened to the pitter patter of the rain against the umbrella. and i decided, i like it. i like the sound of rain on the umbrella, during leisurely walks. and feet getting wet in puddles of water.

and the world, bathed in the unearthly soft evening glow

when twilight lets its curtains down
and pins it with a star, 
remember that you have a friend
though they may wander far.

from my favouritest book in the world; i remember.

why do i keep updating with these ramblings and random insignificant pictures lately, you may ask. because im clinging on to something here, something that i'll soon lose. which is why i cherish it many many times more, this time. because it wont be long. because also, i know that one day not too long in the future i'll look back at these posts and bawl my eyes out hahaha so in the end, all i can say is that i know mself too well, i know what Future Me would like to see and so, this is dedicated to you, dearest awesome Future Me! 

stay awesome yo because you just cant possibly be any more awesome than you already are! :D

speaking of rain, it was very sunny early this afternoon. did the laundry and everything, then suddenly, it started pitter pattering, huge drops of rain falling! so quickly i went to collect the clothes; just as i pulled in the last piece of clothing, the rain immediately stopped! just like that! IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE, i thought to myself. fine so i pulled out the clothes again and went back to read the papers. just as i opened the papers, its started raining again WTF terpaksalah pergi amik balik baju2 tuh, while muttering curses under my breath (dad's back, cannot curse loudly wtf). 

am i being played here or something!

you know i was just about to click publish post, all proud that of an arashi-free post THEN IT HIT ME. 



you know, the sound effects of raindrops in the background and and and the line that goes 傘が打つかりまっすぐ歩けない, something about umbrellas colliding against each other, therefore cannot walk straight ok i made it sound so plain wtf but anyways,
the point is : *melts and dies

confession: just deleted a whole long-ass paragraph about the annoying kind of fans in the Arashi/Johnnys/whatever fandoms. bleargh. is it just me or did the mood of this post totally changed as soon as i mentioned Arashi hahahahaha!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

aku kaya

went to the dentist today, after years of not stepping into the smelly place. in my childhood days, i used to fear the dentist so much i'd rather suffer a toothache. but now, this particular decision to see one was easily made, even without any chronic aches. i've really grown up havent i hahahaha it was a government one, the one we went and camwhored at last year teehee at this post.

first let me just say how awesome i am to cooly walk in so bravely eventhough i've never been there and then about 10 seconds after i sat down came a horrifying scream down the bilik rawatan. and another.

and then another.


it completely freaked me out! all those childhood fears came rushing back and i was so nervous, shaking my legs irritatingly!

(yeah i tend to do that when im restless/nervous, its irritating i know.)

after about two episodes of over-acted-dramatic indonesian dramas later, my number was called and i confessed the dentist how scared i am wtf why so honest!! and that hearing those screams earlier wasnt all that comforting in assuring me of her dentistry skills! *hits self

the end. conclusion: it hurts like a bitch but i survived.

here's another amusing story of my terribly exciting and adventurous life:
i was asked by the nurse/receptionist(?)/whatever to put my IC in a little box during the registration to see a dentist, and as i opened my handbag (with all the contents within her view), there was it, a jar/bottle/whatever of KAYA wtf. YES, KAYA. who brings around a jar/bottle/whatever of kaya to the dentist anyways?! i do, apparently. it wasnt my fault though, i just forgot to put it in the fridge earlier that morning after buying it! i felt so embarassed hahahaha but it was funny too, wasnt it!

 said kaya.

please say its funny, otherwise it wouldve just been sad. and not to mention lame. c'mon, hurry up and tell me its funny already!

*cheers ( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )

to quote my facebook status, i am absolutely drowned. drowned, i declare, in a plethora of fanfictions, translations and all things arashi-related. oh yes, its undeniably of pure joy and all, but slightly overwhelming at times. too beautifully heart-achingly overwhelming but im sure you must be thinking im off to another one of my incomprehensible rants again so imma digress.

yes, i am here to officially declare i've grown up, after all! im beyond my angsty teenage years! though i wonder if i was really that angsty hahahaha you know, somehow, people always get the impression that im bubbly and happy-go-lucky (whatever this really means). a while ago, someone actually told me i have a bubbly personality. me. bubbly. the 15-year-old me wouldve looked in disbelieve at the person and probably snapped at him/her. or laugh in his/her face. being told that now, i still dont quite believe it completely. bubbly and me dont go together. bubbly is foopaosuen. me? im just quietly sitting in my corner and going all dont-come-near-me-unless-i-know-you-well. dont laugh. really, i really dont have much to say usually. well, at least im inclined to believe im that kind of person.

so to have people calling me bubbly and cheerful is still quite new to me hahahaha its something i have to get used to, i guess? i dont quite like it though, because what if one day im not really in the mood to talk or its way too early in the morning for my brain to be functioning (after noon would be the peak, or better yet, after midnight) and people would think im depressed and start asking me things. or as people get to know me better, they find out im not all that sunshineandrainbows as im supposed to be, and feel disappointed. its ridiculous, isnt it?

 morning = reluctance.

though i think the more comfortable i am with someone, the less i talk. its like, the presence of that person is more than enough. its somewhat comforting, the idea of being so close to someone that you dont have to put on any facade or tire yourself out doing/saying something you dont feel like doing/saying. its like, that person already knows who you are, so there's no need for anything else. isnt that a exquisite feeling. a somewhat scary one too.

saying such things so openly, here especially, this is the thing that made me feel im really growing older day by day hahaha this is not the kind of thing i would usually do. but ah well there's a first for everything, no?

back to more casual topics, today's the last day of work!!
オメデトウ ( ^ _ ^)∠☆!
after a month and a half of early mornings and same old countings everyday, im finally done! it feels somewhat bittersweet though, to leave when an extra pair of hands is needed so much, and to say no to the pleadings to continue working, i feel a little guilty. everyone's so nice to me, and considerate too! even though i was just a parttimer, they made sure i didnt do more work than i need to, always ask me how im holding on and help me in the areas im not good at. also, they always smile so kindly whenever i apologised for my little mistakes and my er tendency to forget things wtf 
_| ̄|○
free stuff because they love me like that yo

 on the other hand im really relieved i dont have to face going to work and keeping up with the pressure anymore hahaha and also, im going to puasa from makeup for like a whole year wtf. but tomorrow is chores day, to settle things that have to be settled so i'd have to wake up early tomorrow and despite my longing to go back to penang and all, i have a feeling im going to miss kuantan (and everyone in it) very very much. in fact once i reached penang i'll most probably complain and tell everyone who would listen how awesome kuantan is and how much i want to go back to living in kuantan. yeah i think i'd be likely do that, i seem to have that kind of character hahahaha those grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side kind.having said that, i guess the most apropriate thing for me to do now is to appreciate everything max and lepak with friends here max and makan kuantan food max! :D

ruru, lets go for cendol tomorrow!!