Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1009 vs 1370

eight hours. eight freaking  hours.

that's how long it took me to settle my PTPTN nonsense.

went to the DUP hall yesterday afternoon only to be told that the ran out of numbers, so i had to come back in the morning. 8.30AM, i went there to find the queue so bloody long! when i finally got my number, it said this:

my number: 1370.
the number currently in process: 1009 WTF.

i was already skipping my 8AM jap class then. waited, waited and waited. three hours passed and the number barely reached 1100. luckily, i met some coursemates of mine and since they were waiting, i told him to let me know when the number reaches 1300; because i'd decided to go for the 11AM jap class (another group but same teacher), skipping my 11AM Advertising class instead. after class, i rushed back to DUP only to find the number at 1100+ WTF. sakit hati max. skipped my 2AM Campaign tutorial as well, thus missing abuela, mukhlis and aya's presentation!! waited till hungry max so i went back to my room for a couple minutes to put my books and grab some food. went back to DUP again. waited, waited and waited. until 4.30PM FML.


*takes deep breath

so anyways imma start this little thing today, where i'll try posting up the five things that made me happy each day. as for today:

#1: met coursemates in DUP who offered to report back to me the numbers while i went for Jap class.
#2: bus was about to leave when driver saw me walking/running and decided to wait! yays!
#3: made it to Jap class in time!
#4: ARASHI's song from the upcoming album is being used for Japan Airlines TV commercial! :D
#5: great dinner, and dessert! and gossip! hehe! 

yays! oh oh and a bonus!

#6: found a site that posted up a couple ARASHI videos, and usm didnt block it yet

ah the past few days have been so hectic, barely got enough sleep and the list of things to do was just crazy! plus, we had the PERKOM Interaction Day to plan out, which was crazy tiring but totally fun! and i slipped down the shallow drain WTF quote of the day: "my converse!!!" even the people who werent there came up to me and asked if its true i fell down in front of all the juniors/seniors/coursemates/lecturers FML. took loads of piccas and ohhh we partied the night before teehee! play hard and work hard, eh? but those are stories for another time. for now, im just going to enjoy this rare night with nothing to do, and go on fangirling. tahs!

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