Sunday, July 11, 2010


ohmaigawd the internet connection is so unbelievably good here im on a major downloading rampage (no limit YEAY!) ! and photos get uploaded in a second (exaggeration) so imma post up more piccas! and im listening to the ARASHI SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL TIME [コトバノシカラ] DVD (perlu ke pnjg sngt namanya) so im in a rather hyper mood here whoots! O(≧∇≦)O

#1: domokun got stuck!

you know i secretly believe i actually enjoy cleaning. i think i do, not all the time but yeah. i feel happy when something's all clean and touchable again. but im just too lazy to constantly clean all the time so hahaha its not going to be a recurrent thing, dont get too comfortable with the idea! just now, i hadnt anything to mop the floor with so to cheer myself up as well, i used my precious bodyshop passionfruit showergel; to wipe the dust too! now the room smells of passionfruit noms and im all cheered up again whoots! took me like 2 hours just to mop and wipe the dust of everywhere, coz the internet's so good i couldnt help surfing! yeah so i cant believe i brought (ABRUPT CHANGE OF SUBJECT, NO?) domokun back to kuantan and back to penang again! but its so adorable i couldnt resist! there he is, all squished up between my second pile of clothes and a bottle of....

oh lookie whats this? :D
yeah i had to lug it all the way here, effing heavy no kidding! 

its now nesting prettily on my shelf, im sorely tempted to just open and enjoy it myself hahahaha MUST. RESISTO. see the lengh of suffering i go for you, woman, you must love me much! HAHAHA by the way, was on facebook for a second and a certain friend of ours, she-who-must-not-be-named, finally opened an account! she, the facebook-hater and sceptical of all things technology (save her ipod), have a facebook account!  ∑(O_O;)Shock! i got all amused and stalkerish and everything and then i saw this at her info page:


HAHAHAHAH i literally laughed out loud! what greater good, exactly, this is not harrypotter!

so i pretty much have my stuff arranged nicely on the shelves, which produced this pretty sight, of which i am so proud of.

these, my friends, are the shitload of ARASHI-related DVDs i got during my trip to kl. imma list it all down now just because im obsessive like that. you may skip this part if you like.

#1: L'arc~en~ciel THEATRE OF KISS Tour 2007-2007 (ok NOT arashi, just had  to bring it though)
#2: Saigo no Yakusoku [Last Promise] (the movie with all five arashi members in it)(ok bought this a while ago)
#3: MY GIRL!! (the one i had to choose either this or jap food! with aiba in it!)
#4: MAOU (drama with ohno in it and like one episode of nino guest star!)
#5: Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru [Myu will give papa her legs] (curious how'd Jun play the role of a dad with this certain disease)
#7: Ryusei no Kizuna (nino + ryo + toda erika! )
#8: ARASHI SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL TIME [コトバノシカラ] (still playing it now )

uwahhh thats alot! i think the this all could be worth about RM300-RM400! especially the Laruku theatre of kiss one that i bought in singapore for like RM100++ only to find out its being sold for RM50+ in that Petaling Street shop wtf but yeah im happy i got so many stuff this trip! all from that shop, and they gave so much discounts! even the ARASHI concert DVDs that had 50% discount, they gave an extra 10% because i got so many stuff hahahaha happy max! too bad they didnt have the 5x10 Anniversary Tour DVD! but still, cho happy! total damage: RM190, with discounts! without discounts, it could probably reach RM300, especially the concert DVDs! i saw they were selling at Sg Wang for RM130 EACH wtf and i got two for RM80 whoots! (*≧▽≦)

 and all this, i express my maximum gratitude to the wonderful people that are abuelatan and minilim! without them, i dont know what i'd do! and abuelatan had all her friends to go petalingstreet too just so i, one person, could indulge in my "arashi nonsense" (quote arti)! i feel bad, i want to say sorry a thousand time but im just going to say thank you thank you THANKYOU! more on the kl/melaka/klang trip later, with pictures from camera! :D

omg my roommate just got here! *freakout

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