Thursday, July 1, 2010

aku kaya

went to the dentist today, after years of not stepping into the smelly place. in my childhood days, i used to fear the dentist so much i'd rather suffer a toothache. but now, this particular decision to see one was easily made, even without any chronic aches. i've really grown up havent i hahahaha it was a government one, the one we went and camwhored at last year teehee at this post.

first let me just say how awesome i am to cooly walk in so bravely eventhough i've never been there and then about 10 seconds after i sat down came a horrifying scream down the bilik rawatan. and another.

and then another.


it completely freaked me out! all those childhood fears came rushing back and i was so nervous, shaking my legs irritatingly!

(yeah i tend to do that when im restless/nervous, its irritating i know.)

after about two episodes of over-acted-dramatic indonesian dramas later, my number was called and i confessed the dentist how scared i am wtf why so honest!! and that hearing those screams earlier wasnt all that comforting in assuring me of her dentistry skills! *hits self

the end. conclusion: it hurts like a bitch but i survived.

here's another amusing story of my terribly exciting and adventurous life:
i was asked by the nurse/receptionist(?)/whatever to put my IC in a little box during the registration to see a dentist, and as i opened my handbag (with all the contents within her view), there was it, a jar/bottle/whatever of KAYA wtf. YES, KAYA. who brings around a jar/bottle/whatever of kaya to the dentist anyways?! i do, apparently. it wasnt my fault though, i just forgot to put it in the fridge earlier that morning after buying it! i felt so embarassed hahahaha but it was funny too, wasnt it!

 said kaya.

please say its funny, otherwise it wouldve just been sad. and not to mention lame. c'mon, hurry up and tell me its funny already!

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