Friday, July 2, 2010

because this kanji is cute.

i've never been one to use an umbrella. even till now, my mom would always jokingly scold me for not using one during the rainy days. always, she would repeat, are you trying to be a hero?  somehow, i would always find this very funny, no matter how many times this situation would repeat itself. though this evening, it was raining quite heavily and my neighbour called me over, i had no choice but to use the umbrella. i took my time walking back home, mangoes in hand, and listened to the pitter patter of the rain against the umbrella. and i decided, i like it. i like the sound of rain on the umbrella, during leisurely walks. and feet getting wet in puddles of water.

and the world, bathed in the unearthly soft evening glow

when twilight lets its curtains down
and pins it with a star, 
remember that you have a friend
though they may wander far.

from my favouritest book in the world; i remember.

why do i keep updating with these ramblings and random insignificant pictures lately, you may ask. because im clinging on to something here, something that i'll soon lose. which is why i cherish it many many times more, this time. because it wont be long. because also, i know that one day not too long in the future i'll look back at these posts and bawl my eyes out hahaha so in the end, all i can say is that i know mself too well, i know what Future Me would like to see and so, this is dedicated to you, dearest awesome Future Me! 

stay awesome yo because you just cant possibly be any more awesome than you already are! :D

speaking of rain, it was very sunny early this afternoon. did the laundry and everything, then suddenly, it started pitter pattering, huge drops of rain falling! so quickly i went to collect the clothes; just as i pulled in the last piece of clothing, the rain immediately stopped! just like that! IS THIS SOME KIND OF JOKE, i thought to myself. fine so i pulled out the clothes again and went back to read the papers. just as i opened the papers, its started raining again WTF terpaksalah pergi amik balik baju2 tuh, while muttering curses under my breath (dad's back, cannot curse loudly wtf). 

am i being played here or something!

you know i was just about to click publish post, all proud that of an arashi-free post THEN IT HIT ME. 



you know, the sound effects of raindrops in the background and and and the line that goes 傘が打つかりまっすぐ歩けない, something about umbrellas colliding against each other, therefore cannot walk straight ok i made it sound so plain wtf but anyways,
the point is : *melts and dies

confession: just deleted a whole long-ass paragraph about the annoying kind of fans in the Arashi/Johnnys/whatever fandoms. bleargh. is it just me or did the mood of this post totally changed as soon as i mentioned Arashi hahahahaha!

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