Sunday, July 4, 2010

hello goodbye

what a great day! well, to be precise, night! we didnt do anything spectacular nor did we go anywhere special, but such fun! i guess its the company that counts huh hehe but we did go to a certain japanese restaurant with the best. food. ever.

and no its not sushi bloody king or one of those over-commercialised mass-produced so-called japanese food restaurants bleargh its proper home-cooked style japanese food, thankyouverymuch. *defensive

anyways, we had fun and it was yummy! we arrived there almost 9pm but mari-san announced that the kitchen is already closed ohnoeswhatshallwedo because she had a golf tournament at 5am tomorrow boo but we whined so desperately that she gave in and we were the last customers instead ♥ 

walking pass, ahchiu conspirationally whispered to me to order something simple to make =____=  and made me take my own order wtf it wasnt on purpose, but we did  in the end order the simplest and easiest dishes, soba hahahaha it was good though, i love soba. and tenpura. and edamame. om nom noms. i enjoyed it max, and im glad stella did too! we had such fun chatting and catching up AND OHMAIGAWD TAIPEI'S SELLING LIKE LOADS OF ARASHI STUFF EVERYFUCKINGWHERE AND CHEAP-ASSLY TOO! AND SELLING THOSE AWESOME BRIGHTLY-COLOURED CELLPHONES USABLE IN MALAYSIA TOO!! (*≧▽≦) 

(can you tell im excited? HELL YEAH IM EXCITED are you fucking kidding me!)


(emot repeat for further emphasis)

taipei's officially on my list of to-go-to countries now, as a somewhat weak substitute of japan. because japan is always the unattainable #1, therefore the others on the list are just for the purpose of stocking up on japanese stuff. like, taipei to get ARASHI stuff. and singapore to get ARASHI stuff. and korea just because its near to japan, therefore more ARASHI stuff. thing like that you know. teehee. seriously though, am considering visiting taiwan. taipei. whatever. i swear i'll be there if ARASHI holds another concert there serious i'll just die and go. go and die. whichever gets me there quicker. really, i dont think im making much sense anymore.

oh yeah i was talking about chacha right. yes yes just as we were leaving, chatted with mari-san a little and ah she was so nice, it felt like leaving home. it was too bad i tak sempat meet up with ume-san and the rest sigh but she gave lots of encouragements and がんばってs then suddenly asked what did i drink just now? "ocha",  i answered and she went to the cupboard, dug around a little and came out with a packet of green tea. "for studying",  she said, because it helps to stay awake, very strong. 

gawd i miss everything/everyone there T_________________________T

with love

it ended with a またね and many warm いってらしゃいs.  (ヾ(´・ω・`) *waves

and i am such a dingdong i took a huge round around kuantan just now because #1, i confused stella's house with lumae's! its always like that, i'd always use the road to lumae's house by some sort of default! and #2, because it totally slipped my mind that stella'd already moved to another house, nearer to mine! major major fail! 

aint complaining though, driving around kuantan is total .

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