Wednesday, July 14, 2010


ok im on a major ARASHI high here so indulge me. 
recently downloaded one of their tv shows, Arashi no Shukudai-kun episode #95 which was aired like 903841 years ago (2, to be precise) AND IT WAS HELL FUNNY. seriously i was trying so hard not to scare off my roommate laugh!

it was a special episode where they sort of filmed it like it was a live broadcast to save money wtf, without cutting, reshooting, editing and all that within a certain time limit and oh it was cho hilarious, them rushing to things and stuff! aiba was the sound/director/whatever person in charge of the various segments the have in the whole show and oh it was just so fun.

during the part where Sho had to do a backflip and after that he was totally freaked out being the most cowardly in Arashi, despite all those well-built muscles hahahaha here, you can see Nino adjusting his mic-pack-whatever thing after that while the others are still laughing at Sho's misery. as he was adjusting, the camera zoomed in and i er noticed something totally interesting!


there, that flash of bright blue. (clockwise sequence)

this may come off rather perverted 

this would be consistent with that one time where Aiba complained how Nino's underwears are always so flashy and brightly-coloured! :D  though i cant believe how on earth i manage to catch that one second, but oh boy im glad i did hahahaha now go ahead a judge me all you want, as if imma give a damn. 

anti-social nino
note how everybody is interacting and helping to fold the seaweed in such a hurry, and there's Nino spacing off/deep in thought/whateverjustnotbothered. i find it amusing. 

and is it just me, or did Ohno barely said anything in this entire episode?! all i remember him saying is "ah wakame!" and "konbu umai", thats it! this dude is seriously the most un-idol-like person ever!

gawd i love them dorky silly hyperactive boys.

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