Wednesday, July 21, 2010

let them eat cake! ☆彡

sunny afternoons like these are one of my major weaknesses, alongside being in moving vehicles for an extended period of time. i cannot help but feel all sleepy and sluggish. what with the light breeze and soft fluffy pillows that felt oddly cool against my skin, i began to feel the first symptoms of an afternoon nap! hahahaha and it didnt help that i was blissfully fangirling (Maou! ) lying down on the bed!

ah what the hell, i decided to take a little nap, hoping to be able to wake up before me 8.30PM meeting later tonight 

(but not really bothering to set the alarm, decided to leave it to fate instead hahahaha!).

fate had other plans, apparently. just as i was in the zone where i wasnt really awake yet i wasnt fully asleep yet; you know the moment when youre thinking some stuff out just before you sleep and somehow it turns all wildly fantastical and you know its sort of a dream but not really coz you're not that asleep yet kinda feeling? oh you dont? you freak, you. anyways hahaha yeah my phone started ringing to the tone of Arashi's [Monster♪]. i was reluctant to answer it; turns out it was my mom; no choice. blablablablakthxbai. fine, thought i'd try going back to sleep again, though somehow the bed wasnt as comfy as before already boo. phychological effect? you  tell me, abuelatan, intans and the other three acting students minoring in psychology *bitter wtf
lek lu, commercial break lu.

then it rang again. barely 10 minutes after the first one came, it freakin rang again! this time; Arashi's [Attack It!♪] played. who could it possibly be?! it was my uncle, or at least thats what it said on Caller ID. the voice on the other side of the phone turned out to be my German cousin though! blablablablakthxbai.


obviously not.

 so we've reached the end of the story. here i am, wide awake and facebook just refuses to load.

imma now post up pictures of yummy food just to annoy you.
as you know, i was in klang recently, just before school started. malacca too. oh and kl too. hehe.

delicious. pretty. sinful. MAXIMUM UMAI.

 these were the ones i had with abuela, mini, QQ and Tucktuck at the Gardens. oh i forgot, its ALEXIS, this place. and it is mindfuckingly awesome max max max! SO MAX CAN DIE! it was so max i never thought i'd see abuela and mini get so excited about something sweet! usually im the only one going around craving for sugar hahahaha! we went there for desserts, just  for desserts; ordered five plates of different cakes/meringue/brownie/whatever and dug in like nobody's business! i could so do this everyday hahahaha! the best one was still the meringue with that load of strawberries and blueberries, hence the extra-large picture fpr emphasis teehee.

it was so good i went there again the next day! (*≧▽≦)

hi mom!! *waves!
 this time we had the pavlova! more stwawbewwies omnomnoms! ☆彡

but not before stopping for some SUBWAY sandwiches. and porridge with yao char kwai. hehe.

ohs. am hungrys naos. has meetings in an hours. mandis. late dinner agains?

oh yeah i dont think i told the tale of how i basically dragged everyone all over kl for my selfish obsession of all things ARASHI? well, yeah i basically dragged everyone all over kl for my selfish obsession of all things ARASHI. petaling street one night, detour to petaling street again the next day. even abuelatan's friends was somehow dragged into this! m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ 

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