Monday, July 19, 2010


now what have i been doing lately.

drinking green tea, i suppose. yeah, i drink green tea everyday. a nice hot cup; it's very soothing and calming.

 blue-striped mug.

and apparently i have the sentence-construction skills of a 5-year old. and im supposedly taking Creative Writing this semester. i highly doubt i'll do well though, for i dont have much of a creativity nor do i have any writing skills to boast of. gawd i really admire people who can really write well. and knowing that i'll never be able to write in their level just kills me. and these people dont even have to go to class and stuff! what i woudnt do to be able to write like that, i dont even know. and im talking about those fanfics that really menusuk jiwa kinda stories you know, you just sigh a long satisfied sighhhhh  and your heart feels all queer after reading them, its THAT  good.

see, even reading the paragraph above makes me want to delete it all and just stop saying anything. 

im embarassing myself here, who am i kidding. i shall go away and fangirl now.

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