Tuesday, July 27, 2010


(aka another iARASHI post)

because i already posted up like three status updates on facebook and any more my friends will all delete me for spamming their homepage. especially that jerwin person hmph. lets not even go to the fact that i have my lecturer on my friends list as well wtf.

so here's more spamming and random rantation. because my head hurts like fuck and im bloody tired even though i have a solid 11 hours of sleep last night wtf.

anyways yah i've been watching [MAOU] the past couple days. from that stack of DVDs i got in KL, i've decided to watch this drama first because well, i wanted to keep the best for the last. last as in Ryusei no Kizuna starring Ninomiya Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo and Toda Erika. Nino, my ichiban (or Aiba, depending on my mood really)! i even stopped watching Aiba's [My Girl] halfway because its so beautifully heartbreaking and i dont want it to ever end so imma save it for later days. i have weird logic, i know hahahaha. anyways, i was all sceptical of MAOU because well, im not that  into Ohno (though i love watching him in motion) and honestly the cover of the DVD's not that enticing.




its like this and its like that and Ohno's oh-so-sigh and then suddenly its like that already!

dont get what i mean? me neither. nothing makes real sense when fangirl-mode in MAJOR ON. but thats the beauty of it! :D

so MAOU (vaguely translated into er Demon King la wtf) its basically about this guy seeking revenge. his plottings and schemings to indirectly kill the loved ones of his main target, all the while keeping his reputation as the "Angel Lawyer" intact. i love it, the subtle changes of his facial expressions. the walls that the character builds, with his calm, controlled self. and how those walls break down when he's alone, reminiscing about the past. watching him fall for the girl and fighting his inner demons; you can clearly see what is he thinking just by looking at his eyes! call me a Do-S, but i just like to see them boys all emotional and angsty

 who knew this guy could act yo.

to me, he'd always been the quietly random, spaced-out Leader of ARASHI, occasionally dorky; the one that every member somehow fawns over. possibly the most talented one and yet, the way he always look so genuinely surprised when his solo/drama/dancingskills/voice get praised, or tops a chart or two didnt he once said in an interview that he didnt like being looked at and he'd prefer it if nobody really notices him? the one that wears whatever clothes his mom buys for him and whose hobby is getting a tan then being scolded by the Jimusho fishing & painting. the one who goes for second (even third!) helpings of food in TV shows and has a tendency to stay quiet throughout those TV shows as well! to sum it all up, he's the most unidol-like idol ever; but that's his major charm that earns him that  many crazy fans, i suppose.

HAHA cant believe this is Naruse!
(the character he plays in MAOU)
(this is one of those behind-the-scenes thing)

i think pretty much everybody would think that they already know from the start the real identity and true motive behind all the schemings, BUT i dont think anybody expect them to twist it that  way. like i said, i got hooked. it kept me wondering, like, "ehh wait a minute, if he's that person..then why did he..?! or is he not that  person really?!"   and the heart goes all boomboomboom and excited, you know. and this kinda suspense/mystery/whatever genre of drama was never exactly my cup of tea. the things being a fangirl does to you (*´ο`*)=3 *sighs

plus, Touma Ikuta = eye candy

i like him way better here than in Hachikuro. though i seemed to notice that in about 80% of his scenes as the detective (and target of Naruse's revenge), he's always always  running around! everything also must lari sini lari sana, cannot take train or drive or grab a taxi whatever is it! as if tokyo's so small like that right hahahah assuming that it is  set in Tokyo, that is. but whatever; angsty emotional Touma Ikuta is uber watchable. so yeah, im hooked. *repeats self

 special note

yes, behold the power of Ohmiya. as in Ohno + Ninomiya. as in awesomeness. as in they're friggin' holding hands!

(and Nino's holding a pack of cards. probably in the midst of practising his magic tricks again?)

it was just a guest-starring role in the first episode, absolutely no effect on the plot whatsoever, but still, very very notable. i mean, i totally ship the Ohmiya duo. and do let me know which Ohmiya-shipper wouldnt like a scene where one of them is pushed against the wall by the other? kyaa-worthy much? absofuckinglutely.

 uhm..kiss? ;D

ok the end hahahaha other than these drama, i havent really been getting my doses of happysparklyrainbowsandsunshine boys (aka ARASHI, duhs.) due to the recent blocking of those file-downloading sites by this certain hotspot! cisness! i seriously think im addicted to them! though i did downloaded the KeyHoleTV programme that lets me watch japanese tv+radio channels in live time, but the quality's so-so only and the ARASHI media-time-schedule dont really fit mine FML. on the bright side, i was randomly surfing the channels and suddenly [To Be Free] was playing on BayFM!! got suuuuuper excited!! now im just hoping to catch VS Arashi and Himitsu no Arashi-chan this thursday! because no ARASHI = low テンション! 八(^□^*) *prays

making of [To Be Free] PV

by the way i totally love my new roommate! because she's hardly ever in the room and she often doesnt even come back at nights hahahaha not that she's a bad person or anything, i just really enjoy being alone in the room. like, really really enjoy hahahaha! xD

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