Saturday, July 10, 2010

to be free

this is entirely pointless; but necessary for my sanity.

i love it when they made a little mistake and i noticed! its very fun!

screencaps of their performance for the new single [To Be Free] on Music Station yesterday! screw Animax for not showing it! but isnt it amazing how it was just aired in Japan about 24 hours ago and already i've got a copy?

the wonderful powers of the internet, no doubt!

so there was this part where there was a long pause before the chorus and note how aiba (far right) already has the mike up and started singing way too early while everyone's still acting all cool and everything

what is ohno (far left) doing though HAHAHA his face HAHAHA

then he realised the mistake and started grinning while singing the proper chorus! cuticle max!

sho who was standing right behind him; was grinnning at the mistake too!
and giving him such  a look i couldnt help but skip a heartbeat

(its no secret, sho's my least favourite member. no doubt i am constantly amused by his uber hot half-nude anan pictures talent for failing; and total respect for being the Keio Boy+NewsZero newscaster but i just like the other members better sorry cant help it xD)

VAMPS was there too on Music Station, 
 HYDE's so blonde i love it!
i like the new single [MEMORIES], its very the old HYDE style. to be frank i dont quite like VAMPS punya music as much as i do HYDE's old albums like Roentgen and 666 but this song was quite 666-style so i like it! yays! :D

ok end of random fangirling thingies. where am i? im in ipoh now, back to uni tomorrow! am excited but am so NOT looking forward to carrying all my truckload of shit up to the second floor and unpacking max. gahhhhh.

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