Saturday, August 28, 2010

[left untitled due to lack of brainpower]

Ah a day of relaxation, at last!
I didn't realise that Friday's a holiday until Thursday itself hahahaha my sense of day and time are totally messed up! 

Even my sleeping time's all weird, I slept at 7AM yesterday today , snuggling into bed just as the day was getting brighter, with that odd chirping of birds starting to get louder.

So we went to Queensbay Mall in the evening!
First shop was, of course, the one closest to the entrance: FOREVER 21!
There was a sale; so I tried on two really cute tops that were going for only RM15 each!

i say tops, but theyre actually long enough to be worn as short dresses(^_-)☆
i bought the flowery one, shocked much? plus, it's all frilly and colourful!
this is the first time i bought something so incredibly girly and flowery.
ah i've grown up, havent i? worn with cardigan because im modest like that. HAHAHA.

walked around and had dinner after that. because kennyrogers were so fully booked, we decided for nando's instead. in truth i'd much prefer a meal at kennys but oh well, nando's fine too. even before it was time to break fast, there was already a long line in front of the restaurant! luckily, intan and mini were already inside with a table for us, so we didn't have to wait, yays!

my lemon & herb chicken with bean salad and potato salad.  

honestly i don't quite like fries. because it's always very dry and it hurts my throat.
soggy fries, on the other hand, are much loved! (*≧▽≦)
bill came up to:
 this ain't good, hahahaha! we've got to stop living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous!
and to quote intan: "PERI-fy your life, PETRI-fy your parents!" 
i solemly swear to cut down on spending, really. this ain't good.
anyways, having been stuffed full with food, some of us went to the bookstore and others went shopping. 
and then, DESSERT TIME! ヾ(^∇^)

soy bean ice cream
more walking arounds and to follow up our usual ritual: Khaleel  time!(yg penting sblm tuh berconcert dlm kete lu ye)
We took loads of crazy pictures using jac's camera fisheye application and it all turned out major hilarious! laughed non-stop! ( ´ ▽ ` )

indecent pictures all up in facebook, so here's a decent one! 

it was fun, i had a really good easy-going time! 
this is actually the first time we're hanging out with munchee, jac and uk; im so glad we did! and to find out the things we have in common and the food we all like, ahh joy! next time, winter warmers it is for their lavender cheesecake! (^-^*)

i can has cancan hat? puhlease?

one thing i really like about the people i'm with is that we're always free to do the things we want to do. 
whether you want to join us later, or you dont want to watch a movie, or you want to go get something by yourself for a while, it's fine. maybe because everyone's nice like that. i like that

Reminder ♪

because i have the memory of a fish.

#1: research on ykt211
#2: touch-up on literature review

#1: print and conduct pretest on cervical cancer survey.
#3: read comm. tech article!
#4: finish short story. 2000 words.
#5: japanese homework!
#6: print bus tickets

#1: lunchtime meeting for group presentation on comm. tech.
#2: 10PM meeting for campaign assignment of the week

tuesday (walaupun cuti)
#1: noon meeting for advertising presentation


#1: presentation!!

#1: advertising presentation!!
#2: settle hal bank islam klau sempat. (TAKSEMPAT)

this is so depressing. 
if i add in my class schedules...
i don't even want to think about it.
i see a busy busy week ahead!
but am so looking forward to:


two weeks of holidays. 
food, beach and friends

Monday, August 23, 2010

of charity and concerts.

so there's lots of things that has been going on that i hadn't blogged about.
honestly im not in blogging mode right now. the past week had been pretty much crazy and i took the chance to do as much nothing as possible this weekend. WHICH IS GREAT. REALLY. i slept 8-13 hours at night and went online for hours stalking ARASHI. Nothing productive really. which is a good thing. no, great  thing; are you kidding me how can that not be great.

mini's birthday!

the day we went to 69Mansion and it got raided wtf 
so we had to carry BY HAND about eight bottles of beer 
and went to some nearby beach to hang out, drink and camwhore max.
but i'd talked about this, havent i? this topic feels somewhat familiar hahaha!

and then there was this:
PERKOM Interaction Day!

didn't do much but bully have fun with the juniors, really.
halffway through, it started raining! but the show went on! 
PERKOM stands for Persatuan Komunikasi, by the way.
again, this seem rather familiar. have i talked about this?

the event that we've been scrimping sleep for the past week!
the event that we've been having meetings day and night
and work work work is all on our minds:
Konsert Amal Cahaya Ramadhan PERKOM 2010!

Hani was right, we certainly did grasped the "Cahaya" concept right!
mana x, siap bukak photobooth duk tepi tgga ngan tealights lagi.
if we had known better, we would've scrapped off the konsert project
and ganti ngan project photobooth terus. do i hear kachingkaching? (^-^*)

you do know  im kidding right?
sorry kena confirmkn, baru2 ni rmai yg suka sentap2 selebriti.
i am  glad i helped out for this project, because it brought me closer to some people
and some others things became clearer to me too. to other people too.
the dumbest thing was, i didnt charge my camera for that night!
my mind was so preoccupied that it didnt even cross my mind earlier
that when i actaully had  think of charging it, i already didnt had time to do it! 
i officially fail in life  _| ̄|○

here, obligatory picture with abuela to cheer up with.

 there were two things that happened that night that left an impression on me.
first, dinner was prepared for us. but not fork and spoons, apparently.
call me a brat, but i refuse to eat with my hands, simply because i dont know how to and well i dont really want to anyways. 
like i said, call me a brat, see if i care. but that's not it.
the thing is, Esther, darling Esther, magically brought a set of fork&spoon and 
purposely went to get it for me while she was halfway eating! (*≧▽≦)
then i felt super guilty for being such a troublesome child and was thoroughly touched  by her kindness!

 also, the usual after-party at khaleel, complete with traditional clothes.
with intan too
hani pula menghilangkan dirinya. mengapakah. 

secondly. throughout the whole day i was randomly talking about the er majlis bubur jagung in aman and how i wanted to try some hahaha when we went back to the hostel for a quick shower and change, it still wasnt ready so i couldnt do anything about it. then as we sat at the DK having dinner, my junior suddenly took from her bag tupperwares of bubur jagung and gave it to me! She remembered! how kind! honestly little things like that are the best! ( ゚▽゚)/  

honestly i dont know why i feel the need to write down the nice things people do.
its some sort of obsession of mine really.  i really need to sleep now. full day ahead!
 oh and here, possibly the most unflattering picture ever captured of me 
but whatever, apparently it is rather amusing
and my mom gave birth to me to amuse you people so! behold!

and no, i dont know why i sound so cranky and sarcastic here.
to much ninonino hahaha like that's ever possible.
need some good ol' aiba now. shukudaikun, here i come! 
OH and watched Music Lovers 200回記念 真夏の嵐スペ   tonight! YES IT'S AN ARASHI SPECIAL!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Konsert Amal Cahaya Ramadhan PERKOM 2010 ♪

because i am handling the publicity and promotion.

not that anyone in usm or penang reads my blog but whatever.
here's to hoping someone googles this! hahahahaha!

and being the lazy and busy person that i am,
imma just copy and paste what i wrote in the event page on facebook:

Anyone and everyone is welcomed! ヾ(^∇^)

Tickets are going for RM5 each,
and funds collected will be channeled towards the needy
during our Malam Berbuka Puasa Cahaya Ramadhan
for the selected guests from homes all over Penang!

In short, this is a charity event!
Do come, bring your friends and even families along!

p/s: feel free to leave a comment or contact me for tickets! ♪

there will be performances like singing, monologue, puisi and such!
and two of my dingdong friends confrim performing!
itu james saya tidak confrim lagi so no no picca yet hahahaha!

and because we're such sporting people like that,
most of us have already changed our profile picture to the poster picture!
which is a big deal for me because dude nothing gets on my profile picture but ME ME & ME.

so when we are all commenting on each others statuses, this is what it looks like:

sume same jer hahahaha there's lots more comments, from me too, further below but im too lazy to screencap it and WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE I HAVE A 5-PAGES PROPOSAL DUE TOMORROW AND I'VE ONLY DONE THE FRONT PAGE AND YET YET YET HERE I AM AT 3 IN THE MORNING BLOGGING!! (^-^*)

but seriously though, come. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

meangirls FTW!

am laughing my ass of here.
lucky for me, roommate not in room.
why? here's why.

obvious lack of attention paid to the arrangements of these pics ohohoho.
taken off tumblr, of course.
ok back to suicide work.

Friday, August 13, 2010

a day in the life of a PR second-year student.

athis is a list. a list of five things that made me happy and another five things that annoyed me today.
this is by no means a personal attack on anyone, nor is it done with any malicious intention.
purely to rant, rant and rant. for i have a lot of things to rant about.
tekanan perasaan kot.
the latter part may exceed the stated five topics though, be warned. here goes!


1. meal with the boomboompows
after such a long time, finally! everyone's usually so busy with devilspawnjanet punya work la, olahraga training la, PERSIS dance practice la (walaupun orang pahang wtf) that there's hardly any time to have a proper meal where we can sit, enjoy the food and chat nonsense with each other. So majlis berbuka puasa di bazaar ramadhan and gee tomyam today was really good. it's been a while\(^▽^*).

remember this? also known as Himitsu no Arashi-chan at 9PM local Malaysian time, and VS ARASHI 6PM! also known as the day where nothing should bother me at these times and i am truly, fully booked by my lappie where i can sit, relax, watch arashi being such an adorable bunch of dorks these shows and turn anti-social forget about real life :
□_ヾ(・_・ )カタカタ.

3. cupcakes and kuihs.
bazaar ramadhan whoots! means tons of sweet colourful kuihs and junkfood for sale! kononnya la, but this year there's not much of a variety. lat least ade la kan? got the green gulunggulung kuih with coconut inside and later, vanilla cupcake, all moist and vanillaish mmm. ohh bought the biscuit-layered kuih too, not as good as kuantan's gelora pasar malam one though. i love pasar malam food, as unhealthy and expensive they may be. i also really like how we will definitely  meet like 94182 people that we know from university there. it makes it so much more fun!

4. of assignments.

Advertising proposal deadline extended!
ok this is old news from yesterday but whatever i'm still happy about it! and cheating abuela into believing that the deadline's been brought forward was just too fun hehehe and the lecturer's like, "ok hantar next week."  Ciara asked what day specifically and he casually said it doesnt really matter as long as its next week YEAY! more time to finish up! more time to actually start wtf. for the Campaign subject, we got a B+ and B for the weekly assignments. Not as good as an A but any improvement is good, right? I really hope we do well in this subject because i really respect ProfRamli and it would be bad to not put in effort after all the trouble he went to to scan stuff and upload every notes, sample/examples and presentation slides in the elearning website. ( ̄~ ̄;)

5. kind people maketh me happy.
really, i am too easily touched sometimes hahaha it started raining just now when i had my Research discussion meeting at Fajar Cafe. i myself wasnt actually aware of it until intan came down and brought me an umbrella, while bearing the news of the rain. Oh and the o
ther damn far punya library, PHS2, punya staff are really really nice. I went to borrow some book, asked some questions and brought in laptop this afternoon, and all of them smiled, greeted me and talked to me friendlyly (wtf is this word) in proper english. it made me happy, goodness knows why. nothing beats damn good customer service like seriously. during dinner just now too, i had no cash with me and abuela paid everything for me first whoots! so, MAXIMUM love!

6. Arashi no Shukudai-kun ♪
(exceeded the quota here but whatever this is my blog everything revolves around me yo)
watched two old episodes. laughed out loud like an idiot. 'nuff said.

iklan jap.

(,,#゚Д゚): PISSY THINGS∴;'・,;`:

1. people who write every single thing with full proper spelling in large handwriting thus using up an entire page of the notebook for one silly paragraph. especially when it is just a rough draft that dont really matter. i mean c'mon is it so hard to just edit on the printed copy of the previous version? and the when one word is wrong, the entire sentence is thus cancelled WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME i havent got all day in the world! but her intentions are good so i will bear with it.

through gritted teeth.

oh lawd WHY WHY WHY is it that my thursday nights are usually taken by meetings or discussions?! ever since getting Keyhole TV i can only count with one hand the number of times i've watched/heard ARASHI on tv/radio at the same time it shows in Japan! Do bear in mind that they have four variety shows, one drama, one news segment and four individual radio shows PER WEEK. this is NOT even including guest appearances in other shows and performances on tv! which reminds me, I AM BOOKED THIS FRIDAY 7PM, they're performing two songs on Music Station! (ok now that it's out in black and white like this, damn are they a busy bunch of people. their professionalism shall forever gain my respect.)

oh oh look! recent interview of nino. he's all sleep-deprived and i-dont-really-care brat mode on.

Q39: At home, what are you called?
A: Depends. Things like “hey” or “just a sec”.

Q65: ______ about Nino-kun is awesome!
A: If I start listing them, it’d take 2 days.

Q68: What would you be real happy to hear right now?
A: That the photoshoot later is cancelled.

Q96: It's 3 days till the end of the world. What do you do?
A: Not much.

I'd put it all but people would get annoyed so. yeah. this is sort of a note for myself.
It's so funny though; I love/hate the way he avoids answering things honestly and gives ridiculous answers instead! That, or he answers them in such a tone and neutral facial expression that nobody's ever entirely sure whether he's serious or not. The mystery that is Ninomiya Kazunari. oh you kill do me.

anyway what i was saying is: I WANT TO WATCH ARASHI DAMMIT. there, rant over. next!

3. socks + sandals combi.
it's bad enough like that. but try pairing it with a baju kurung. FUCKING UGLY. i can't stand people who wear baju kurung with sport shoes as well. yeah yeah i know it's comfort > looking pretty, but still. there are  such things as comfortable pretty shoes right. heck even sneakers can be paired with a baju kurung if it matches well enough. hmm i want to wear a baju kurung soon.

4. people who insist on being all muhibbah and onemalaysia in an unnatural way.
as in, it's very forced; the way they focus so much on the races and how hard they try to make everybody get along well with each other. or sit selangseli with different races JUST FOR SHOW.  dude, sometimes it's already happening naturally so there's no need to shove it in our faces like 92741 times a day. and the smug look on their faces pretty much tells everyone how proud are they of themselves to be able to integrate the races, consider the "plight" of the minorities and whatnots. FUCK OFF LA who are you trying to kid. there's no need for us to be told that we are chinese, or we are indians and we should all cooperate to make this world a better shinier place. after all, isn't that the very basis of being a person, to be nice to others and get along well? its silly to bring race into this and i really hate it when people try to enforce things like this

5. immature people who call others immature.
ok you might just use that against me hahaha but that's my stand and im sticking to it. call me a hypocrite or whatever but this pisses me off. their sheer stupidity make me want to shake common sense into their sludge of a brain. ITS FUCKING ANNOYING. people who still calculate the petty things and bring up things. It's one thing to not forget a bad deed, but it's a whole other thing to attack that person so maliciously 500 years after that deed. it is also irritatingy idiotic to attack one party for a trivial issue sedangkan diri sendirinya tidak berbuat apa2 untuk pihak itu malah mencaci2 di belakangnya. dan jangan tarik orang yg tidak berkenaan ke dalam isu itu please. ko bodo ke hape. we're adults now, angst is so twothousandandlate.


i would continue but im suprisingly sleepy
and i havent taken my shower yet so byes off to gross shower!
ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)ヽ`、ヽ`

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


ahh NOW i remember why i'd stopped watching [MY GIRL] halfway.

because i know damn well that as soon as i click the play button;
my brain will turn into goo and the lines "OMG AIBA WHY ART THOU CHO PRETTY"
followed by a long deep sigh will repeat itself in the empty hollow of my skull.

and the goo that once was my brain will slush around as well,
rendering me useless in accomplishing normal everyday-life tasks.
as of this moment, i've stopped functioning as a human being.
if i can still be called a human being at this point.

*goes brain-dead

let me clarify that this is not purely about his looks
(though pretty much 70% is about his damn fine looks)
it's his damn fine voice too. so warm and comforting. so hopelessly aiba. (*´ο`*)=3
especially in this drama where he is all sentimental and cute! kyaa-worthy max!

[MY GIRL] single by ARASHI!
aiba in masamune-kun mode ♪
nino sesat in the aiba-pimpin' post!
*gasp horror
think of this as a (very pretty) commercial break.

this is fangirling at its height, in case you havent noticed.

back to aiba-dreamland now.
if i could die now, 
i'd die a really happy, contented person
knowing that i'd seen such beauty that is Aiba.
life's so worth living

(making sense has ceased to be my top priority in life lately)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If Aiba is 嵐's Miracle Boy, I would conclude that I could sort of be a Miracle Boy Girl as well!


doesnt mean i dont love ARASHI anymore though,
i still do. very much so.
just sayin', you know.
they're totally awesome and everything.

SO ANYWAYS you see about a couple weeks ago,
(OHMAIGAWD I LOVE ENGLISH. explanation later.)
i have this killer subject's lecture going on mid-afternoon
(also known as Sleepiest Time of the Day)
and i was pretty much falling asleep even before class started.

Now you see, this lecturer is very very strict. Whenever she see's someone looking  sleepy, she'd stop lecturing halfway and ask him/her to go out and wash his/her face in a very harsh tone of voice. But just that day, i was sitting all the way at the back and right in front of me, the girl's pretty tall so she kinda blocked me from the lecturers view. But still, i couldnt take my chances. I held on to the pen and pretended to write, as i tried shutting my eyes for a little more than a couple seconds. I even fell asleep for a short moment at some point or other. Pen still in hand, mind.

HAHAHA you can pretty much tell at what point i started falling asleep.

At the end of the lecture (FINALLY!),
she suddenly announced a pop quiz WTF!
Of all the classes that i've been kinda paying attention to this semester,
this was the first that i kinda lost it due to extreme sleepiness,
pretty much everyone went "whatthefuck?!" too.
but no choice, diedie have to do it.
the lecturer told us to just write whatever we know.
so i wrote whatever nonsense metaphores elaborations
and pretty much anything that passed through my previously-not-paying-attention brain.
passed it up quickly because mou ngan tai .

Today we got back the quiz results.
Bear in mind the full score is 10.
This is my score for the quiz.
again, ∑(O_O;) MAXIMUM SHOCK!

I honestly predicted at 3 for myself, at best!
I even prepared myself for a big ol' ZERO but it came out FIVE!
FIVE! As in half the total!

This isnt even the best part yet.
She then complained on how bad our answers are
once again, ∑(O_O;) MAXIMUM SHOCK!
(of course im not the only one, many others got five as well)
I paid ZERO attention, remember!
Unbelievable isnt it.
Sometimes i wonder myself how does things like these seem to happen to me.
Not all the time, but often enough.

Oh and regarding the ENGLISH thing,
i've recently discovered this site where i post up entries in the language that i want to learn, and native speakers of that  language will correct it for me. Of course, i am encouraged to correct entries by other users in my native language as well. As you know, starting this year, i minor in japanese. So i really want to improve on my japanese and registered for an account in that site. AND WRITING IN JAPANESE IS DAMN DIFFICULT I TELL YOU! Just a couple sentences took me forever to contruct! It's easy for introduction greetings and such, but to fully build sentences on what i am thinking, what am i doing all that everyday kind of things, gahhhh i can die! Hence after posting an entry there, coming back here to write in English, ahh i think i've grown to be more appreciative of English now hahahaha! But this is actually quite exciting for me, really! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Sunday, August 8, 2010

JunINTERVIEWSJolie! ( ゚▽゚)


i heard rumours about it but didnt really bother much because it wasnt a hundred percent confirmed yet but HELL YEAH IT HAPPENED!


but oh lawd am i stupid, i missed the freakin show!!
i had already made a mental note to watch it 9PM (our time);
while waiting, went off to watch older episodes of Arashi no Shiyagare
(thus witnessing major sho!fail and aiba!dingdong )

but thank God for the power of internet
(and major luck for the video to be uploaded NOT in youtube/mediafire/mediaupload/whateverthatgotblocked); I GOT TO WATCH IT!!

Ever since Arashi no Shukudai-kun got cancelled and replaced with this Arashi no Shiyagare, tonight's the first time im watching this! and it is major love! i knew lots of people complained about this and yeah of course its not as awesome as Shukudai-kun but this, this is good too! so anyways the main concept of this show is that the ARASHI boys supposedly dont know who the guest of the week is; they basically just have to go for it for a whole hour apparently unprepared! and in-between, there will be segments where a member will be taught some kind of skill by a professional (of course, the boys wont know about it until they're there!) then later practice it in real life; and this is where today's topic lead us to!


this week, jun had to learn from a really famous translator/interpreter Natsuko Toda
and as she was giving him tips, she revealed that he'll be interviewing ANGELINA JOLIE!

∑(O_O;) Shock!!
#2: its impossible!
#3: seriously?

(japanese tv's great for learning japanese, like seriously)

Day of Interview.
Matsumoto nervous MAX.
(serious thats what it says hahahaha!)
and being suprised to be told she's already there!
(well, something like that. translating's a bitch.)

blurred. whatever.


he gave her the ARASHI album! DVD! something like that!
she told him how she's been wanting her kids to listen/watch/whatever local music and they're going to think it's so cool hahaha talked about SALT as well and mentioned how everybody knows how much she loves Asia; at the end Jun even blurted out how pretty she is!

ahh this is way too epic!
now how much do you want to bet he spent HOURS practising what he was going to say,
being the seriously crazy perfectionist that he is? ;p


on another note, i am addicted to Jun and Sho's new solo! 
Jun's all auto-tuned, but its so very catchy! and clubbish!
Sho's voice is suprisingly way too sexy in this new album; gahhhh!
i find myself smiling stupidly,
especially his rap parts in [let me down].
TO DIE FOR. (*´ο`*)=3
breaks my heart to announce that i do not like Aiba's solo one bit.

it's way too similiar to those eurotrash music played in tacky funfairs.
Nino's solo? 1992*4##111; the code for arigatou but read as tokubetsu?
pretty lyrics, though more Himitsu-like than the expected Niji-like song.
and Ohno's solo, mah it suits him i suppose?

would've preferred a faster, more upbeat track just so i could watch him dance during lives.

and suddenly this turned into ARASHI's Boku Miteiru no Fuukei solo review! ヾ(^∇^)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

of pretty dresses

di sini saya ingin meminta sumbangan rakan-rakan semua untuk memulakan tabung Beli Dress Untuk SAT.

#1: Kitschen paint-splattered dress + denim top

#2: Topshop pink-polka-dotted dress with hugeassholeattheback dress

#3: Forever21 sheer pink top/vest thingy.

#4: Forever21 not-so-much-but-still-got-paint-splattered dress again wtf

(all images extra large to trick you into thinking this is a long, fulfilling post)


pretty please? :D

Sunday, August 1, 2010


camped at rotibakarkopitiam for the whole afternoon+evening today! from 1PM until what, 8PM? i know right, i totally rock! 

and it was totally productive! i downloaded the usual array of random ARASHI videos,
AND FOUR ALBUMS from various artists!
( ゚▽゚)/

yukihiro of laruku whoots! i've never heard his solo projects before and i've heard that its really different from laruku's style; this is all hard honestly i dont know how to desribe this music. hard. and heavy. yeah!

Katou Miliyah HEAVEN
i like her music, they're easy to listen. a little pop, a little r&b, a little hip hop, very the urban style. all that, and she's pretty! i likes!


  finally its out! i know i've mentioned i didnt quite fancy HYDE's new style but oh well i couldnt resist. its all vampiresque and americanised rock but still, HYDE is HYDE. and omg i cant believe they had some free lives in tokyo just the other day, and streamed it online for free too! FREE!! FREE!! 

lastly, and by no means the least,
ARASHI boku no miteiru fuukei!

YEAY!!! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ
*died and gone to music heaven
oh oh oh!
dan jugak ini!
dh x tau brape bulan dh x baca VIVI! 

im so stoked right now you've no idea! i love music! and having new music gets me real excited! and you can see by the countless exclamation marks in this post! nothing gets me going like music! whoots!

HAHA isnt it amusing though how these four albums i downloaded are so utterly different in genres? hard, metal, pop, r&b, happyshinyrainbowpop, ballads, rock, poprock. macam2 ada. if i were to asked to pinpoint my favourite kind of music, i wouldnt be able to answer that hahahaha i used to love rock! but falling for ARASHI pretty much messed up my music taste, really! for me, the music i listen to dont have to be produced by the best musician or whatever, it just has to be good, and easy to listen to.

i like music that makes me feel; which i why im so attracted to ARASHI's music, i suppose. because theyre happyshinyrainbow, and they make me giddily happy and lifts my mood up. Laruku's music is just plain good talent of all four members, i can really blast it maximum volume and lose myself in the emotions. Miliyah's relaxes and its a little uplifting at the same time, sort of like a day shopping at the mall. and i like it, i like it very much. its as simple as that