Sunday, August 1, 2010


camped at rotibakarkopitiam for the whole afternoon+evening today! from 1PM until what, 8PM? i know right, i totally rock! 

and it was totally productive! i downloaded the usual array of random ARASHI videos,
AND FOUR ALBUMS from various artists!
( ゚▽゚)/

yukihiro of laruku whoots! i've never heard his solo projects before and i've heard that its really different from laruku's style; this is all hard honestly i dont know how to desribe this music. hard. and heavy. yeah!

Katou Miliyah HEAVEN
i like her music, they're easy to listen. a little pop, a little r&b, a little hip hop, very the urban style. all that, and she's pretty! i likes!


  finally its out! i know i've mentioned i didnt quite fancy HYDE's new style but oh well i couldnt resist. its all vampiresque and americanised rock but still, HYDE is HYDE. and omg i cant believe they had some free lives in tokyo just the other day, and streamed it online for free too! FREE!! FREE!! 

lastly, and by no means the least,
ARASHI boku no miteiru fuukei!

YEAY!!! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ
*died and gone to music heaven
oh oh oh!
dan jugak ini!
dh x tau brape bulan dh x baca VIVI! 

im so stoked right now you've no idea! i love music! and having new music gets me real excited! and you can see by the countless exclamation marks in this post! nothing gets me going like music! whoots!

HAHA isnt it amusing though how these four albums i downloaded are so utterly different in genres? hard, metal, pop, r&b, happyshinyrainbowpop, ballads, rock, poprock. macam2 ada. if i were to asked to pinpoint my favourite kind of music, i wouldnt be able to answer that hahahaha i used to love rock! but falling for ARASHI pretty much messed up my music taste, really! for me, the music i listen to dont have to be produced by the best musician or whatever, it just has to be good, and easy to listen to.

i like music that makes me feel; which i why im so attracted to ARASHI's music, i suppose. because theyre happyshinyrainbow, and they make me giddily happy and lifts my mood up. Laruku's music is just plain good talent of all four members, i can really blast it maximum volume and lose myself in the emotions. Miliyah's relaxes and its a little uplifting at the same time, sort of like a day shopping at the mall. and i like it, i like it very much. its as simple as that

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