Wednesday, August 11, 2010


ahh NOW i remember why i'd stopped watching [MY GIRL] halfway.

because i know damn well that as soon as i click the play button;
my brain will turn into goo and the lines "OMG AIBA WHY ART THOU CHO PRETTY"
followed by a long deep sigh will repeat itself in the empty hollow of my skull.

and the goo that once was my brain will slush around as well,
rendering me useless in accomplishing normal everyday-life tasks.
as of this moment, i've stopped functioning as a human being.
if i can still be called a human being at this point.

*goes brain-dead

let me clarify that this is not purely about his looks
(though pretty much 70% is about his damn fine looks)
it's his damn fine voice too. so warm and comforting. so hopelessly aiba. (*´ο`*)=3
especially in this drama where he is all sentimental and cute! kyaa-worthy max!

[MY GIRL] single by ARASHI!
aiba in masamune-kun mode ♪
nino sesat in the aiba-pimpin' post!
*gasp horror
think of this as a (very pretty) commercial break.

this is fangirling at its height, in case you havent noticed.

back to aiba-dreamland now.
if i could die now, 
i'd die a really happy, contented person
knowing that i'd seen such beauty that is Aiba.
life's so worth living

(making sense has ceased to be my top priority in life lately)


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