Saturday, August 28, 2010

[left untitled due to lack of brainpower]

Ah a day of relaxation, at last!
I didn't realise that Friday's a holiday until Thursday itself hahahaha my sense of day and time are totally messed up! 

Even my sleeping time's all weird, I slept at 7AM yesterday today , snuggling into bed just as the day was getting brighter, with that odd chirping of birds starting to get louder.

So we went to Queensbay Mall in the evening!
First shop was, of course, the one closest to the entrance: FOREVER 21!
There was a sale; so I tried on two really cute tops that were going for only RM15 each!

i say tops, but theyre actually long enough to be worn as short dresses(^_-)☆
i bought the flowery one, shocked much? plus, it's all frilly and colourful!
this is the first time i bought something so incredibly girly and flowery.
ah i've grown up, havent i? worn with cardigan because im modest like that. HAHAHA.

walked around and had dinner after that. because kennyrogers were so fully booked, we decided for nando's instead. in truth i'd much prefer a meal at kennys but oh well, nando's fine too. even before it was time to break fast, there was already a long line in front of the restaurant! luckily, intan and mini were already inside with a table for us, so we didn't have to wait, yays!

my lemon & herb chicken with bean salad and potato salad.  

honestly i don't quite like fries. because it's always very dry and it hurts my throat.
soggy fries, on the other hand, are much loved! (*≧▽≦)
bill came up to:
 this ain't good, hahahaha! we've got to stop living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous!
and to quote intan: "PERI-fy your life, PETRI-fy your parents!" 
i solemly swear to cut down on spending, really. this ain't good.
anyways, having been stuffed full with food, some of us went to the bookstore and others went shopping. 
and then, DESSERT TIME! ヾ(^∇^)

soy bean ice cream
more walking arounds and to follow up our usual ritual: Khaleel  time!(yg penting sblm tuh berconcert dlm kete lu ye)
We took loads of crazy pictures using jac's camera fisheye application and it all turned out major hilarious! laughed non-stop! ( ´ ▽ ` )

indecent pictures all up in facebook, so here's a decent one! 

it was fun, i had a really good easy-going time! 
this is actually the first time we're hanging out with munchee, jac and uk; im so glad we did! and to find out the things we have in common and the food we all like, ahh joy! next time, winter warmers it is for their lavender cheesecake! (^-^*)

i can has cancan hat? puhlease?

one thing i really like about the people i'm with is that we're always free to do the things we want to do. 
whether you want to join us later, or you dont want to watch a movie, or you want to go get something by yourself for a while, it's fine. maybe because everyone's nice like that. i like that

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