Monday, August 23, 2010

of charity and concerts.

so there's lots of things that has been going on that i hadn't blogged about.
honestly im not in blogging mode right now. the past week had been pretty much crazy and i took the chance to do as much nothing as possible this weekend. WHICH IS GREAT. REALLY. i slept 8-13 hours at night and went online for hours stalking ARASHI. Nothing productive really. which is a good thing. no, great  thing; are you kidding me how can that not be great.

mini's birthday!

the day we went to 69Mansion and it got raided wtf 
so we had to carry BY HAND about eight bottles of beer 
and went to some nearby beach to hang out, drink and camwhore max.
but i'd talked about this, havent i? this topic feels somewhat familiar hahaha!

and then there was this:
PERKOM Interaction Day!

didn't do much but bully have fun with the juniors, really.
halffway through, it started raining! but the show went on! 
PERKOM stands for Persatuan Komunikasi, by the way.
again, this seem rather familiar. have i talked about this?

the event that we've been scrimping sleep for the past week!
the event that we've been having meetings day and night
and work work work is all on our minds:
Konsert Amal Cahaya Ramadhan PERKOM 2010!

Hani was right, we certainly did grasped the "Cahaya" concept right!
mana x, siap bukak photobooth duk tepi tgga ngan tealights lagi.
if we had known better, we would've scrapped off the konsert project
and ganti ngan project photobooth terus. do i hear kachingkaching? (^-^*)

you do know  im kidding right?
sorry kena confirmkn, baru2 ni rmai yg suka sentap2 selebriti.
i am  glad i helped out for this project, because it brought me closer to some people
and some others things became clearer to me too. to other people too.
the dumbest thing was, i didnt charge my camera for that night!
my mind was so preoccupied that it didnt even cross my mind earlier
that when i actaully had  think of charging it, i already didnt had time to do it! 
i officially fail in life  _| ̄|○

here, obligatory picture with abuela to cheer up with.

 there were two things that happened that night that left an impression on me.
first, dinner was prepared for us. but not fork and spoons, apparently.
call me a brat, but i refuse to eat with my hands, simply because i dont know how to and well i dont really want to anyways. 
like i said, call me a brat, see if i care. but that's not it.
the thing is, Esther, darling Esther, magically brought a set of fork&spoon and 
purposely went to get it for me while she was halfway eating! (*≧▽≦)
then i felt super guilty for being such a troublesome child and was thoroughly touched  by her kindness!

 also, the usual after-party at khaleel, complete with traditional clothes.
with intan too
hani pula menghilangkan dirinya. mengapakah. 

secondly. throughout the whole day i was randomly talking about the er majlis bubur jagung in aman and how i wanted to try some hahaha when we went back to the hostel for a quick shower and change, it still wasnt ready so i couldnt do anything about it. then as we sat at the DK having dinner, my junior suddenly took from her bag tupperwares of bubur jagung and gave it to me! She remembered! how kind! honestly little things like that are the best! ( ゚▽゚)/  

honestly i dont know why i feel the need to write down the nice things people do.
its some sort of obsession of mine really.  i really need to sleep now. full day ahead!
 oh and here, possibly the most unflattering picture ever captured of me 
but whatever, apparently it is rather amusing
and my mom gave birth to me to amuse you people so! behold!

and no, i dont know why i sound so cranky and sarcastic here.
to much ninonino hahaha like that's ever possible.
need some good ol' aiba now. shukudaikun, here i come! 
OH and watched Music Lovers 200回記念 真夏の嵐スペ   tonight! YES IT'S AN ARASHI SPECIAL!


  1. Awwwww so chomel! Im mentioned twice here! Im your next obsession aren't I? I'm flattered. <3

  2. dah apsal xde gmbr aku... nate guh...

  3. sbab kamu melarikan diri terlalu awal! >__<