Friday, September 24, 2010


Here I have a couple weeks of Japanese homework to finish up and a prose+poem thingy to settle by tomorrow morning, 8AM to be precise. Books and papers still left untouched on my bedside.

But today. I just have  to talk about today.

The day started off with quite a profound bang!
Truth is, even before i reach for my toothbrush every morning,
the very first thing i touch as soon as i get out of the bed is my laptop.
judge me all you want hahaha i am irrevocably and unconditionally addicted to the internet!

btw Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood is pretty good, so beautifully written. 
somehow i felt as if i was seeing it through Ohno's eyes. (*・_・)
nyaa i want to watch the movie, Kennichi Matsuyama!  

Glancing through my facebook homepage with half-open its-way-to-early-to-legally-be-awake eyes,
a picture caught my eye. a tiny blurred picture. for some unfathomable reason, my heart swelled.
it was a chilly morning, but that probably wasn't the reason i suddenly got goosebumps all over.
this is rather embarassing actually; it's just that i havent seen that person in a long, long while! (*゚.゚)

That's ONE thing.
The other thing, remember a certain 2000-words creative fiction i had to write a while ago?
I stayed up the whole night rushing to finish it and it wasn't my best under-last-minute-pressure work.
in fact i was horribly embarassed by the quality of my work; it was just way too rushed!
remind me to never ever rush a short story ever again. 

10-pages assignment, sure why not. 6-pages assignment, bring it on.
but not a short story. not ever. like, seriously hahahaha! 

it was so bad it bothered me all throughout the holidays, i even imagined a dramatic speech explaining why it was so bad 
and swore i'd burn it as soon as i got it back. 
God forbid should anyone ever read such an atrocious piece of writing!

so i had an appointment with him this afternoon, the self-proclaimed cyborg lecturer.

i was so nervous and all prepared for the worst when suddenly, suddenly,
instead of a scorn on my attempt at writing, he said he was somewhat impressed!
mind, it's not a deserving-of-a-pulitzer kind of impressed impressed, 
but it was suprisingly potentially good. it was unexpected, it wasn't bad.

then and there i dieded. i was speecheless, stunned almost. (´・ω・`)
a wave of warm relief washed over me. it was very, very nice of him. 

Here's also something that was quite fun for me yesterday! ARASHI was mentioned in The Star paper! Excited much! Ironically it was an article on the Korean Wave in Malaysia, mentioning in passing the Jpop Phenomenon that happened more than ten years ago. Basically, trendsetters with a fan base in Malaysia: Utada, Ayumi, SMAP and ARASHI!

We were having dinner at Roti Bakar when i saw it.
Didn't anyone notice how calm i was hahahaha! on the outside at least!
inside, inside i was practically  hyperventilating with excitement! (*≧▽≦)

Speaking of ARASHI...
(did you expect this coming or what)

our Nino have been very very busy lately, what with two new movies coming out (GANTZ and Ohoku!) and now, a new drama!! factor in the weekly tv variety shows shooting (two shows, mind), weekly radio show, the fact that they're on tour right now and not to mention the various guest appearances here & there to promote his movies/drama/tour, damn im suprised he's not overworked to death! oh did i mention his new commercial for HITACHI and Wii? ε-(´・`) フー

 see, even Nino (plus Ohno) is shocked! (^_-)☆

and then i was checking for regular ARASHI updates as usual and discovered this.
a list of magazine's he's going to be featured in in these couple days/weeks/months!

TV Guide                Susumeru Pia               SPUR
TV Pia (cover)        TV Station (cover)       GINGER
CANCAM                VIVI                               RAY
Hanako                   VOCE

as ARASHI:     MYOJO         Hanako
                      POPOLO       SODA.

omg vivi, cancam and ray! these are not even idol mags, more like girly fashion mags! ok off to beg for food, hungry max!


  1. yang penting hang siap underline arashi dengan warna merah HAHAHA

    and, CONGRATULATIONS! for the fic success! nnt give me read ok sygs. <3

    just for the hell of it. :DDD

  2. of course must underline hahaha!
    mwah mwah thanks darls! (*^^)^*) *chu

    er read ah, malu giler weyh xyah la giler
    but Aiba made an appearance♥


  3. did he appear with curry in a lunch pack? HAHAHA

  4. and j-pop waves 10 years ago, i don't think it was really bout hamasaki, but more of young hideaki takizawa and nanako matsushima, yutaka takenouchi and those actors in that generation. pfft. LOL

  5. Obsesi dia ni terlalu melampau.
    I hope that piece you wrote for ur lecturer is not about Arashi too.
    And hey... we have something in common. Are u my soulmate now?
    Oh takleh lagi. because something is not everything. ;)

  6. syeefa: curry lunch pack HAHAHA!
    i made aiba aiba, sunshiney and silly ♥
    and i er confess, i dont know those people you just named wtf! *fail

    alba: hahaha you havent seen melampau YET!
    well it wasn't about ARASHI exactly but well, kinda is in a way. ;) tahniah pada kamu jugak, mwah! ♥