Thursday, October 7, 2010

lime bath.

i smell of flowers, lime and milk.

is this a recipe for a spa?

nope, just plain old me.

flowers and lime from a bath earlier. the lime smells absolutely heavenly.
my first hot bath in a while, it was very refreshing.

and milk, milk from my travel-sized johnsons lotion. skin soft and faintly milk-scented.
if i could smell like this everyday, i'd be quite contented with life.

on another note, i'd like to think that home is where the heart is.

but this is life; and i'm just a mere human being.
so in the end, there's lots of  things i'd like that are not entirely possible.

that said, i've never quite liked bends in road,
however interesting they may well make life be.

and on no occasion i've ever been partial to great big houses.

plus, i think i secretly may well be pyromaniacal. 

p/s: im not that  entirely random, you know.

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