Thursday, October 28, 2010

on human relations.

"Those who are knowledgeable have rich conversations, and whatever worries you go to them with they can give you clear answers.
They have an extensive field of experience, so they can say "this sort of issue needs this"
and show you more and more of the inside of their drawer.
So they're broad, but when each problem comes with a set answer, it ends up making them shallow.

A deep person gets lost deep inside their own thoughts, and then ends up forgetting what the hell they were talking about.
But they realize that the more you ponder over something, the less you're able to grasp the answer to it.
That maze-like feeling is intriguing. Aren't conversations more interesting when they don't have a goal or an answer?

For example, if an M-1 Champion guests on a talk show, they'll talk about the M-1, just as they would on other shows,
and you can imagine what they'll say, so it gets boring. Personally, I find conversations that go where they will more interesting.
That may be hard to make happen on television, though."

interesting perspective, no? 


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