Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

ahhh it's here, it's finally here, the third of november!
happy birthday, sugar ヾ(^∇^)  

*throws rainbow-coloured confetti

oh where do i even begin this.
how could i ever sum up the eventful one and half years that i've known you
in such a restrictive space, with these cold hard words?

im afraid i dont have the photoshop skills to edit pretty pictures like you did for my  birthday


nor do i have the flair of words to write you a smutty fanfic featuring the pretty akame
(or one with ryo on top and kame at the bottom perhaps?)
nor do i have the wealth to afford you two tickets (another for mom dearest) to tokyo.

*bribes with pretty!jin nonetheless.


but here's a story.

you see, more than a year ago,
i happened to walk pass this bunch of people by the art school bus stop
they were laughing and chatting so heartily in their funky outfits
flashing confident smiles, one stood out amongst the rest
she was so strikingly beautiful. i looked at them in envy,
knowing full well i could never quite fit in with these seniors.

ah but fate has its way of stirring up people's lives (^-^*)

i was suddenly introduced to you one night at our second home, khaleel.
turns out, you're not even a senior, we're in the same batch! *gasp wtf 
the days after that, i fondly recall the red 99notifications that pops up often enough
because we couldnt get enough of spamming people's walls
and making senseless conversations in facebook comments,

more KATTUN bribings (*^-^*)


and then, now, hundred of notifications and roti tisu later, here we are.
in this group of kindred spirits, in which one could talk about anything at all
and sharing the same values, discontentments and believes.

if i had to choose one thing to say about you,
it is that you always understood things.
whether spoken or unspoken, you understood them.
and you have a wicked sense of humour like no other (^_-)☆ 
and for that, i am truly grateful to have you as a friend.
thank you for everything,
from today onwards too, thank you.


i wish you all the happiness life can provide,
and all the love and kyaas your heart can hold. 
i pray that your coming days will be filled with laughter 
so terribly loud people might think we're insane! 八(^□^*)

dont you ever stop sparkling, miss diamond ☆彡
sorry, couldnt resist teehee.

"These rocks don't lose their shape, diamonds are a girl's best friend"

happy birthday intans!  


  1. This is TOO COMEL!
    I am terharu on behalf of Intan.
    Eh I yang terharu, boleh tak? Hehehe

  2. Hi. Hello. I would quote back the entire event to you, those entire night of heart to heart sessions, but I won't because there are things that we could understand just from little nods and little smiles. (cuz we're too old and boring like that ^^;)

    i thank God for the crazy destiny that He had written upon us, so I believe that there are reasons for why this kizuna was created between us and the entire pamily. (insert important people's name LOL)

    i wish all of us will be happier in the future, may the bond and understanding gets stronger, we'll have each others back and we know it.

    ureshi yo. hontouni, arigato.

    I swear to God I'll get Jun's number for you someday. And we all gonna party in Roponggi IDGAFC.

    and Happy Birthday to Nishikido Ryo too. <3

  3. plus; Hani, boleh jer yang <3


  4. hahahaha hani you silly dingdong ♥
    s'okay, everyone feel free to terharu biru!

    ROPONGGI ftw.
    i'll wait for it, that day. ♥
    till then, lets appreciate each day as it is
    with each others' craziness and irrelevence. ♥