Wednesday, November 3, 2010

of cheddar and kiwis.

lately there hasnt been many personal entries here huh.
honestly there's not much to update, life's still like that.

these days i dont feel the urge for show-and-tells anymore
i hardly take pictures, my camera havent been charged for weeks
and the last time i uploaded pictures on facebook was almost half a year ago.

maybe im just getting old like that.
but here, for the sake of updating.

breakfast today.
 crackers, toast, cheese, cake and fruit.
i sure enjoy a leisurely breakfast
i say breakfast but in reality it was probably past noon teehee my bedtime have been officially reset to 4.30AM. i've been literally sleeping past 4AM for the past week! wasn't even doing anything academically productive, just browsing through the World Wide Web and a research work or two. But hey, at least i recently checked my exam schedule. 

you see, im in kuala lumpur now, it's supposedly study week and finals officially start next week. but here i am lounging my heart out. sleeping, eating, reading comics and nothing more. went out and about town with the girls yesterday, i had a good time! thankyou to all the darlings who cme! (^-^*) though i am so broke now you've no idea, broke in both cash and card! the horror! i dont know how am i going to survive the next few weeks in penang, and i sure aint going to ask for more money from the 'rents.

after a day out

ah mom's here, just arrived from kuantan this afternoon! 
and i am so sleepy now, because i've been waking up early the past days.
off to sleep then. maybe an ARASHI video or two first though which will inevitably lead to more than three hours worth of videos. teehee.

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