Friday, November 19, 2010

Ultimate Fail!day.

    Hello, Mr. Failboat Sho

because he is the gorgeous embassador of fail.
Honestly I don't know what's wrong with today!
Everything just wasn't the way it was supposed to be.   _| ̄|○

How this day sucked.
 (in point form because no blogging mojo today wtf)

  1. Woke up late at 11.20am padahal meeting Grobe (aka Abuela aka Apriltan) at 11.30am.

  2. Reached Jbtn Bendahari at 11.55am, rupanya tutup 11.45am sampai 3pm. *curses

  3. Jalan to Bakti to makan, Chinese food auntie tutup kedai hari ini.

  4. At Bakti, this bird hit the ceiling fan and dropped with a great thud on the floor,
    barely missing our table. Major shock.

  5. After lunch, went shopping at KeMa. Found this gorgeous gorgeous notebook!

    Colourful and sans lines, just the way I like it
    but RM12.90 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
    So we got the brilliant idea to buy coloured paper and bind them instead!
    Now faster acknowledge how utterly ingenious this idea is,
    because otherwise you wouldn't feel as cheated as we did later! *hints darkly

  6. Pergi bank to take money for school fees (at the end of the semester, no less).
    Tried twice in confusion, only to realise that it was a CASH DEPOSIT MACHINE wtf.

  7. Was supposed to take out RM1020 (fees were RM1009.90), took out RM1200 instead.

  8. Went to a nearby photocopy etc shop to ask about binding the coloured papers, was closed.

  9. Next up! Jabatan Bendahari : printer machine did not work!
    Managed to pay the fees anyways.

  10. Went down all the way to Art School to ask about binding coloured paper,
    semua tak guna spiral comb yang keras (dan cukup berkualiti) tuh wtf.

  11. Balik bilik. Wake laptop up. Geddit?  'cause it was in sleep mode! ( ゚▽゚) wtf.
    Got text message from Mukhlis said there's a meeting in like ten minutes.
    *starts throwing things around in frustration

    Commercial break!
    Gorgeous skull earrings for only

  12. After meeting, dinner with the Grobe and the Queen (aka Zoe).
    Bus waited at the Aman Stop for 15 minutes! Sorry Queen you had to wait so long!

  13. Dinner Location #1 and Dinner Location #2 (aka Backup Plan) BOTH CLOSED!!

  14. Lepas makan, almost forgot to bring along the umbrellas!

  15. Back to the nearby Sg Dua stationary shpo to pick up our binded notebooks. Get this.

    Total cost per self-binded notebook: RM11.10!!  Σ(゚Д゚|||)
 Bloody hell is wasn't even A4 sized,
only half of an A4 (A2? (・_・?)) in fact!

Meaning, including the cost of coloured paper,
total damage per book : RM 15.60! 

_| ̄|○

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