Wednesday, November 3, 2010

★ You too, Ryo. ★

oh shit i forgot.
i had bloody forgotten.
not only is it miss diamond's birthday,
but it is also the birthday of NISHIKIDO RYO!

i didn't do a birthday post for my first love matsujun,
i didn't do a bithday post for my current love nino,
nor did i do post for ARASHI's 11th birthday.

but here, whilst still in the mood of birthday posts,
imma make a birthday post for dearest Ryo-chan!
and a little ending note of something i just realised! (*^^*)

Now, why do i like Ryo, who's not even an ARASHI member?

Well you see, in the context of everyday life,
Ryo would be the friend's friend that i've often heard of,
met a couple times before and have tons of mutual friends with.

first, he made me shed litres of tears in that drama. 

secondly, he worked with my favourite girl, erika in that same drama.

 third, he worked with Nino in that drama.

fourth, he worked as a Japan Airlines staff in that other drama.

how is JAL relevant, you may ask?

because they have an ARASHI Jet, that's why.
YES, a plane with ARASHI plastered all over the outside. 

six, he sings in my exact type of voice. mmm. 

(in case you hadnt noticed, i have a thing for voices)

seven, well seven, is the difference between him and ARASHI.

ARASHI is made of 50% cute, 35% dork and 15% holymama hotness.

while sir nishikido here is made of 50% holymama hotness
20% dork, 20% cute and 10% sharp tongue. (^_-)☆ 

okay imma throw in another 10% of love for his sunshine-bright smile!

and that's seven reasons why nishikido ryo deserves a birthday post!

(that, and the fact that my internet likes me enough to allow photo uploadings)

たん お誕生日おめでとう! (*^^)^*)

11 years ago, September 15th, a group of five-boys debuted in Hawaii.
11 years ago, November 3rd, this same group released their first single, A・RA・SHI.
11 years, it took them 11 years to reach this peak of popularity
they've certainly come a long way.


You deserve every moment of this success, ARASHI. 

Happy birthday, kinda.

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