Thursday, December 30, 2010

1992*4##111 ♥

This is the Christmas Gifts (Meaningless) PhotoSpam!! yup, that's that. loads and loads of meaningless picture from the two christmas gifts i received this year! there really isn't any point in this actually, just a personal record because i know in fifty years from now i'd forget all about it. heck don't say fifty years lah, even in fifty days i doubt i'll remember much about it wtf. but really, i couldn't be any more grateful for these presents

--:*Hadiah Kurisumasu Nombor Satu! *:--☆

from the very same kindness in this post

 ok that wasn't really the present, it's just the packaging wtf.

open it up and there is it -
heavily Arashi-featured magazine pages,
a peeking Ohchan
, posters and..bubblewrap?!

 FOR THIS?!!!!! ∑(O_O;)

YUP YUP YUP, the latest ARASHI album [Boku no Miteiru Fuukei]
all the friggin way from Japan! Hurrah!! (o ̄∇ ̄o)

the prettiness inside! two CDs whoots!

the moar prettiness inside inside!

 and the obligatory Nino pimpage wtf.

the most ingenious song title - 1992*4##111
written and composed by Ninomiya Oshaberi Kazunari

(these are not cool words like "i love you"~♪)

(because things like "forever" does not exist~♪)

1992*4##111 actually means [thank you]

ahem moving on now. goodness knows i digressed. moving on to:

--:*Hadiah Kurisumasu Nombor Dua! *:--☆

this is actually from another friend in Japan! 
this gift is actually in respond to something i sent over
because they enjoyed it tremendously in Malaysia. (^∇^) 

a much much bigger box! ☆彡 
and it says confectionary  on the item description form teehee. 

 pretteh card and sparkly snowflake stickers! 


a whole 74362kg of candies and various cuticle cute nomnoms
(okeh slight exaggeration wtf sue me)
but it's really close enough to one whole kilogramme!
 and as mentioned, the next 9712 pictures are
individual (meaningless) shots of the stuff in the box. (*^-^*)

hello kitteh christmas candy

much prettier and cuter inside!  

can't say much for the taste though. ahem.
  lookie, a whole packet of assorted Hi-Chews! 
in grape, apple, strawberry and orange flavour!
(pretty obvious fact really.) 

Moar hello kitteh maskot snack! (*・∀・)
i have my doubts about this but it's incredibly adorable 
so i'm prepared to forgive it of anything.

Koala (NOT PANDA wtf) マーチ.
Maーchi? March? Machi? Town?

a long strip of five packets in choco and ichigo!
if i had to compare, i'd say it's pretty similar to hello panda. ahem wtf.


The next one, it's all kanji so i've no idea what it says wtf
but i'm pretty sure it's ume  candy. plum candy. sounds yummeh no?

 Now this, isn't candy. Instant soup i believe,
miso soup perhaps even?
in manila clam, wakame seaweed and shijimi clam flavour! (*^▽^)

Ok this one, i really don't know what is it!
it's biscuit, that's all i've figured out so far wtf.
with some kind of nuts maybe? chestnuts? peanuts?
somebody please tell me! hahahaha! 

random fact: the first kanji 本 could be read as hon (book) or moto (origin/source). 
why do i know this?      
because 松本 reads as matsumoto
. as in jun(^_-) 
plus, 日本 is nihon.  japan. it's amazing how i can say all this
and yet have absolutely no idea what biscuit is it hahaha! 

next up, Fran Creamy Mousse!   i've always wanted to try this out!
but now that i've got this, mcam tak smpai ati plak dh wtf. 

 tadaa! the big picture hahahaha! super happy! (*≧▽≦)  

thank you thank you thank you o kind people! merry christmas!
i shall be eternally grateful for your generosity!
 (gifs not mine, tumblr's!)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hello goodbye

sorry, busy with things. teehee.
internet connection was so fast the past two days as soon as i arrived on campus i turned on the laptop and didn't even start ckeaning up my room until a couple hours later! couldnt stop downloading stuff, stalking on tumblr and finally checking out friend's photo albums on facebook! □_ヾ(・_・ )カタカタ


see those beautiful little purple footprint icons and emo!nino wallpaper?
fuckyeahhhh those are Arashi tv shows, ALL of them!  and these are the unwatched ones.
those that i've already watched i kept them in their respective folders.

oh i've so much to talk about, actually!
1. the nicest week spent in kuantan
2. the funnest klang/kl outings ☆彡
3. the awesomest christmas presents i've ever received!! (*≧▽≦)



hopefully, blogger loves me long enough to let me upload photos!
in the meantime, i'll be off with my first week of school
and a whole shitload (and counting) of Arashi TV shows to flail at watch! 

and thankyou the great world of internet for piccas and gifs!

Friday, December 24, 2010

the miracle that is miracle boy ♥

sunshine. ☆彡

distinctive laugh.
   puppy eyes.


infectious smile. 
           high tension. (*≧▽≦)  

. The word ‘Adult’ makes you think of..
Aiba: Videos? (laughs)

                                happiness.\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/

sexy as hell
clumsy. (。_゜) 

                                                             good manners.

Sho: Everyday I get sucked into a hell-like Aiba-chan hell. (laughs)
Aiba: You probably won’t ever get away now. (laughs)

major dork. 

                                  raspy, breathy voice
(* ̄o ̄*)>
                                                              mabo tofu.

wait, did i mention ultimate sunshine?

because he is. the most adorable ball of sunshine EVER.

 happy birthday, aiba masaki

Monday, December 20, 2010

help needed!

dearest friends and strangers googling Arashi, please click here!
just a little favour, and hey, i'll even give you 20cents as a token of my gratitude!

                          yes you, aiba says you!!

because with your help,
rm2000 may be donated to any charity of choice!

all you have to do is: 

#1. have a facebook account (who doesnt?)
#2. click here
#3. allow the application 

and done!
three simple steps 

in less than five seconds!  

          now go for it! ohno, jun and aiba demands it!

and don't worry, it's not spam! it's only a competition run by dentyne! 
heck, you can even join it yourself and i'll vote for you ! (*≧▽≦)
remember, rm2000 could go to charity!
i wouldnt go so far as to expect my winning it
but in the event that i do, feel free to suggest any charity!

       see, even matsujun says thanks!

so vote for me, pretty please?

vote for my brother too, the one with the same surname!

           do it, or prepared to get whipped like nino here!

please, it doesn't take much effort.
just one click here, and that's it!    m(._.)m

(gifs taken from internet, credits to them!) 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hurry 2011! (*≧▽≦)

i can hardly call myself a movie buff
but i just saw the trailers for a couple of great movies
SUPER EXCITED, MAJOR CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!  /exclamationmarkoverload

let me introduce the three must-watch movies of the coming 2011!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 : On Stranger Tides

and if the second and third sequel's any indication,
this is going to be great, FOR SURE! WITH ALL CERTAINTY!

Major welcome back, Captain Jack Sparrow!
Major hello-there-good-looking-actor-slash-genius, Mr. Johnny Kitagawa Depp!

Cast does NOT include Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly.
I am not their greatest fan but I dare say I've grown quite fond of their characters. Shame.
New cast include:

(wait for it)

Penelope Cruz!  *cue (・_・ ) look

yeah i know. i was like totally (・_・ ) too.
but apparently Gemma Ward  was casted as a mermaid! 
yes, there's going to be mermaids, lots and lots of it uh-huh uh-huh *wriggles eyebrows

screencaps galore because i have nothing to do like that.
 now spot the rumoured Akanishi Jin! (^_-)

2. Norwegian Wood

Movie adaptation of the popular book by Haruki Murakami

I love the book, I really do it's so beautifully subtle and I love his writing style!
Starring :
Kennichi Matsuyama (of Death Note and L fame.)
Rinko Kikuchi (of Oscar-winning movie Babel fame)

I'm super excited (and kind of scared too actually) for this movie!
Watch the (subtitled!) trailer, it's set in Tokyo 1969 so there's the whole old-school vibe to it
WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. and the breathtaking sceneries! (^∇^)~

look at the colour tones used, gorgeous.

I really am anxious to watch them bring these complex characters to life!
I've never thought that the character Watanabe could look like Kennichi,  I had always imagined him somewhat homely and smaller, someone like Ohno or Nino perhaps? You know, the average-boy look that no one really looks at twice. and Naoko! I had that image of Aoi Yu in mind, perhaps a little taller but that kind of quaint quiet personality, the ones you never really know what they're thinking about. As for Midori, hahahaha I keep thinking of Becky! I don't think  she's an actor but she totally charmed my socks off in that one episode of Himitsu no Arashi-chan. She gives off that Midori-vibe: well-liked, quirky, talkative but still girlish.


Double stars because it's GANTZ and I'm nothing if not biased!
Ask any manga-reading dude, I bet you 20cents they'll know what I'm talking about here.
Only one of the most popular classic Japanese manga ever. ASK JERWIN HAHAHAHA!
I talk so much but actually I don't even read this manga wtf too much gore and violence.
But here, watch the trailer! Full of alien-fighting, creatures-bombing goodness! (^□^*)

Good news is, they're releasing this movie WORLDWIDE! Yes, even Malaysia!
but but but, I believe it's going to be dubbed over for the America release, eff their lives.
Please don't do the same in Malaysia, please please please. Dahlah June only keluar!
I have a feeling I'll rewatch this like five times at the theatres. Oh and starring:

Kennichi Matsuyama (yah again, same dude from Norwegian Wood)
Ninomiya Kazunari (of ARASHI, Letters from IwoJima and about 85142others fame )

 blurry screencaps because there's too much movements and action!

Plus, I recently found out that Kanata Hongo's in the movie as well.
As a kid, he acted in Moon Child along with Gackt and HYDE!
and as a teen, he was in NANA the Movie with Mika Nakashima as SHIN! SHIN!

here, extra gorgeous screencap because I love Nino like no other.
spent three hours on this post wtf  /nosociallife
downloading trailers and screencapping and editing

Monday, December 13, 2010

'tis the season

its incredibly stupid
but realising that,
it still hurts all the same.
i hate this feeling.
but there's nothing
i can do about it.
i hate this feeling the most.

消えぬ 消えぬ

消せぬ 消せぬ

because it's been playing on repeat since yesterday
because i love the heartbreaking beauty of these words.

also, i cannot get this line out of my head:

少さな すごく少さな普通の幸せ♪  

such a small, small and humble/ordinary happiness

i couldn't agree more. we have too much in common. 

can i call you kazu? lets get married.

that said.

HoiYin is closed for the day! T___________T
how cooooooooooooooome, i want my super yummeh curry mee! *whines instead, we went to the behind Alliance Bank there for nasi minyak sigh it was suspposed to be me, pao, arvend, safuan and virudh but in the end it was only me, pao and virudh cilakak that other two! satu bangun lambat, satu lagi tetiba takde transport! but it was a good meal with good company nevertheless

extra large to show you how much i love kuantan wtf 

after breakfast, on aqid's insistence (not really actually),
we decided to dropped by arti's spanking new house for a suprise visit! only to be greeted with loud barkings and angry growls wtf and looking at her place, i seriously want a yellow-red painted room! like, yellow on all sides, with one bright-ass red wall just for impact. damn. but i foresee difficulty in sleeping with such bright colours hanging about the room atmosphere hahahaha chatted, stalked, gossipped, laughed, teased and some random frolicking later, it was already almost four hours since we were out. funny how meal times lately always dragged on for a couple hours huh? had to leave and let our feverish arti rest, made a little pitstop at Pantai Selamat where i got a little somethin' somethin' for a certain groban (^_-)

after all, 'tis the season to be jolly!

does anyone else remember the time in formsix
where i took the liberty of singing this particular line over and over again in the most annoying way WAY BEFORE IT WAS EVEN CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS? heck if my memory serves me right, i repeatedly sang it randomly all throughout the day in the first half of the year. oh boy was i annoying back then hahahaha i don't think i've changed much though, eff your  life. (*^^*)

i'll be here in kuantan until the end of this week! so people, let's go out and watch movies okay?  i am particularly dying to watch So-sial Network, Narnia and Rapunzel but have sworn my life to watch Rapunzel with the Grobe again in KL/Klang so we HAVE the watch the other two okay!! Yumcha too! This is not a question, it's a must! Ooh okay one episode of Mago-mago Arashi done! Gotta go! Toodles! 

p.s. am super bored of this blog design already! but am too lazy to do anything about it, somebody do it for me! i'll pay you with virtual cookies and real-life hugs!  (´・ω・`)  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

to be free

Oh right. Now  i remember why i ceased blogging here.
plus, the internet connection here is so messed up i dont even.
disconnects EVERY HALF MINUTE LITERALLY i swear!
i really don't mind really slow connections because at least i still get to download
but when it breaks off every few seconds...ASDFGHJKL;

That said, i'm super glad to be home at last
(Abrupt Change of Mood much?)

i've never been one to miss home very much..

it's true, i can emphatise with others' homesickness very well but i dont feel any longing for home  in particular. 

usually i just miss the lets-do-nothing-and-sleep-all-day feeling that being home coincidentally offers instead. the only time i was ever homesick was those couple months after i got into university. but then again, this could just be a very good case of Denial or perhaps the Process of Detachment. whatever, we shall analyse no longer.

but when i do get home,  i'm just really glad because the best feelings are all here :)

the feeling of waking up after a 12-hours sleep to an empty house
quickly plugging the speakers to the laptop and blasting out ARASHI music at an indecent possible-neighbour-distrupting volume while singing along with the cheesiest, loudest songs.

the feeling of not having to walk under the rain/sunshine/whatever just for a meal,
plus not having to pay for everything for myself teehee plus tons of yummy fresh fruits within reach! oranges, persimmons and kiwis omnomnom galore! 


the feeling of opening the fridge for the 64918th time just for the heck of it while mom complains in the background. yeah i know, bad habit. can't help it!

nomming the most delicious, smooth warm taufoofah from the pasar malam
and generous neighbours dropping by to leave some food/snack/pastries for us ♥ 

oh and it's been raining lately too. such a nice warm feeling
it's rather contradicting, but the rainy weather makes me feel warm instead of the tradisional cold one tends to complain of in weather such as this.  i love the cool breezy weather, because then, i can put on my uber comfy albeit a little holey..YES HOLEY purple hoodie (oh you know  which) and sip on a warm cup of tea while rewatching my collection of Arashi tv shows.

if this isn't heaven i don't know what is.
though reading this, i feel like i'm such a difficult person to live with wtf.

i know i have posts like this everytime i'm home
but oh what the hell, being home never gets oldただいま

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lame Nikki

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I got so occupied recently

ever since the last post
and the holidays started

I hadn't noticed at all

the fact that it's been a while! (;^_^A

until today during lunch
(or was it during dessert?)

with the diamond and the groban

i was told,

it's been a while hasn't it?
So get to it quickly!

Therefore, the conclusion is that

it's been a while. m(__)m

But i am here now!

I'll be back soon,
so wait for it!

p/s. This is totally a parody that nobody will get! ;)