Thursday, December 30, 2010

1992*4##111 ♥

This is the Christmas Gifts (Meaningless) PhotoSpam!! yup, that's that. loads and loads of meaningless picture from the two christmas gifts i received this year! there really isn't any point in this actually, just a personal record because i know in fifty years from now i'd forget all about it. heck don't say fifty years lah, even in fifty days i doubt i'll remember much about it wtf. but really, i couldn't be any more grateful for these presents

--:*Hadiah Kurisumasu Nombor Satu! *:--☆

from the very same kindness in this post

 ok that wasn't really the present, it's just the packaging wtf.

open it up and there is it -
heavily Arashi-featured magazine pages,
a peeking Ohchan
, posters and..bubblewrap?!

 FOR THIS?!!!!! ∑(O_O;)

YUP YUP YUP, the latest ARASHI album [Boku no Miteiru Fuukei]
all the friggin way from Japan! Hurrah!! (o ̄∇ ̄o)

the prettiness inside! two CDs whoots!

the moar prettiness inside inside!

 and the obligatory Nino pimpage wtf.

the most ingenious song title - 1992*4##111
written and composed by Ninomiya Oshaberi Kazunari

(these are not cool words like "i love you"~♪)

(because things like "forever" does not exist~♪)

1992*4##111 actually means [thank you]

ahem moving on now. goodness knows i digressed. moving on to:

--:*Hadiah Kurisumasu Nombor Dua! *:--☆

this is actually from another friend in Japan! 
this gift is actually in respond to something i sent over
because they enjoyed it tremendously in Malaysia. (^∇^) 

a much much bigger box! ☆彡 
and it says confectionary  on the item description form teehee. 

 pretteh card and sparkly snowflake stickers! 


a whole 74362kg of candies and various cuticle cute nomnoms
(okeh slight exaggeration wtf sue me)
but it's really close enough to one whole kilogramme!
 and as mentioned, the next 9712 pictures are
individual (meaningless) shots of the stuff in the box. (*^-^*)

hello kitteh christmas candy

much prettier and cuter inside!  

can't say much for the taste though. ahem.
  lookie, a whole packet of assorted Hi-Chews! 
in grape, apple, strawberry and orange flavour!
(pretty obvious fact really.) 

Moar hello kitteh maskot snack! (*・∀・)
i have my doubts about this but it's incredibly adorable 
so i'm prepared to forgive it of anything.

Koala (NOT PANDA wtf) マーチ.
Maーchi? March? Machi? Town?

a long strip of five packets in choco and ichigo!
if i had to compare, i'd say it's pretty similar to hello panda. ahem wtf.


The next one, it's all kanji so i've no idea what it says wtf
but i'm pretty sure it's ume  candy. plum candy. sounds yummeh no?

 Now this, isn't candy. Instant soup i believe,
miso soup perhaps even?
in manila clam, wakame seaweed and shijimi clam flavour! (*^▽^)

Ok this one, i really don't know what is it!
it's biscuit, that's all i've figured out so far wtf.
with some kind of nuts maybe? chestnuts? peanuts?
somebody please tell me! hahahaha! 

random fact: the first kanji 本 could be read as hon (book) or moto (origin/source). 
why do i know this?      
because 松本 reads as matsumoto
. as in jun(^_-) 
plus, 日本 is nihon.  japan. it's amazing how i can say all this
and yet have absolutely no idea what biscuit is it hahaha! 

next up, Fran Creamy Mousse!   i've always wanted to try this out!
but now that i've got this, mcam tak smpai ati plak dh wtf. 

 tadaa! the big picture hahahaha! super happy! (*≧▽≦)  

thank you thank you thank you o kind people! merry christmas!
i shall be eternally grateful for your generosity!
 (gifs not mine, tumblr's!)

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