Tuesday, December 28, 2010

hello goodbye

sorry, busy with things. teehee.
internet connection was so fast the past two days as soon as i arrived on campus i turned on the laptop and didn't even start ckeaning up my room until a couple hours later! couldnt stop downloading stuff, stalking on tumblr and finally checking out friend's photo albums on facebook! □_ヾ(・_・ )カタカタ


see those beautiful little purple footprint icons and emo!nino wallpaper?
fuckyeahhhh those are Arashi tv shows, ALL of them!  and these are the unwatched ones.
those that i've already watched i kept them in their respective folders.

oh i've so much to talk about, actually!
1. the nicest week spent in kuantan
2. the funnest klang/kl outings ☆彡
3. the awesomest christmas presents i've ever received!! (*≧▽≦)



hopefully, blogger loves me long enough to let me upload photos!
in the meantime, i'll be off with my first week of school
and a whole shitload (and counting) of Arashi TV shows to flail at watch! 

and thankyou the great world of internet for piccas and gifs!

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