Monday, December 20, 2010

help needed!

dearest friends and strangers googling Arashi, please click here!
just a little favour, and hey, i'll even give you 20cents as a token of my gratitude!

                          yes you, aiba says you!!

because with your help,
rm2000 may be donated to any charity of choice!

all you have to do is: 

#1. have a facebook account (who doesnt?)
#2. click here
#3. allow the application 

and done!
three simple steps 

in less than five seconds!  

          now go for it! ohno, jun and aiba demands it!

and don't worry, it's not spam! it's only a competition run by dentyne! 
heck, you can even join it yourself and i'll vote for you ! (*≧▽≦)
remember, rm2000 could go to charity!
i wouldnt go so far as to expect my winning it
but in the event that i do, feel free to suggest any charity!

       see, even matsujun says thanks!

so vote for me, pretty please?

vote for my brother too, the one with the same surname!

           do it, or prepared to get whipped like nino here!

please, it doesn't take much effort.
just one click here, and that's it!    m(._.)m

(gifs taken from internet, credits to them!) 

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