Monday, December 13, 2010

'tis the season

its incredibly stupid
but realising that,
it still hurts all the same.
i hate this feeling.
but there's nothing
i can do about it.
i hate this feeling the most.

消えぬ 消えぬ

消せぬ 消せぬ

because it's been playing on repeat since yesterday
because i love the heartbreaking beauty of these words.

also, i cannot get this line out of my head:

少さな すごく少さな普通の幸せ♪  

such a small, small and humble/ordinary happiness

i couldn't agree more. we have too much in common. 

can i call you kazu? lets get married.

that said.

HoiYin is closed for the day! T___________T
how cooooooooooooooome, i want my super yummeh curry mee! *whines instead, we went to the behind Alliance Bank there for nasi minyak sigh it was suspposed to be me, pao, arvend, safuan and virudh but in the end it was only me, pao and virudh cilakak that other two! satu bangun lambat, satu lagi tetiba takde transport! but it was a good meal with good company nevertheless

extra large to show you how much i love kuantan wtf 

after breakfast, on aqid's insistence (not really actually),
we decided to dropped by arti's spanking new house for a suprise visit! only to be greeted with loud barkings and angry growls wtf and looking at her place, i seriously want a yellow-red painted room! like, yellow on all sides, with one bright-ass red wall just for impact. damn. but i foresee difficulty in sleeping with such bright colours hanging about the room atmosphere hahahaha chatted, stalked, gossipped, laughed, teased and some random frolicking later, it was already almost four hours since we were out. funny how meal times lately always dragged on for a couple hours huh? had to leave and let our feverish arti rest, made a little pitstop at Pantai Selamat where i got a little somethin' somethin' for a certain groban (^_-)

after all, 'tis the season to be jolly!

does anyone else remember the time in formsix
where i took the liberty of singing this particular line over and over again in the most annoying way WAY BEFORE IT WAS EVEN CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS? heck if my memory serves me right, i repeatedly sang it randomly all throughout the day in the first half of the year. oh boy was i annoying back then hahahaha i don't think i've changed much though, eff your  life. (*^^*)

i'll be here in kuantan until the end of this week! so people, let's go out and watch movies okay?  i am particularly dying to watch So-sial Network, Narnia and Rapunzel but have sworn my life to watch Rapunzel with the Grobe again in KL/Klang so we HAVE the watch the other two okay!! Yumcha too! This is not a question, it's a must! Ooh okay one episode of Mago-mago Arashi done! Gotta go! Toodles! 

p.s. am super bored of this blog design already! but am too lazy to do anything about it, somebody do it for me! i'll pay you with virtual cookies and real-life hugs!  (´・ω・`)  

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