Monday, January 31, 2011

not dead.

just to prove i'm alive wtf.
i have so many posts in draft
but no mojo to keep me writing so.

a lot has happened in the past few weeks
but i'll talk about it soon. well, relatively soon.

i've chopped off my hair!
it's pretty short already,
and most of the uhm karat  part's gone! :D


but having healthy and soft silky hair sucks i tell you.
effing hard to style it and it just wouldnt listen! RAWR!
i'd take damaged and  wonderfully messy hair any time.
bring on the trashy. bring on the ke$ha.

oh and background's horridly edited
because surely you do not want to see
my roommate's clothes hanging out!

wow is this an intelectual/witty/thought-provoking/profound entry or what.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Fuwahhh I'm on a roll here! I suppose I could partly give credit to the incredibly slow internet broadband connection, am busy downloading things teehee so what better way to while away the time than to write out some things here and there! (*^▽^) 

Happy 2011 guys! What did you do, did you have a great celebration? 
Did you partied like there's no tomorrow? Did you get drunk? Did you get laid wtf.
Or did you spend some alone time reflecting on the past year and made resolutions for 2011?
I feel like I haven't been talking to some people as much as I should (and want) to so drop a line to tell me what you've been up to! I've been wondering lately if Ruru is still working in Gardens, if Char's exams dah over, is Pao still taking driving lessons, how was the champagne during Artikus' birthday celebration, has anyone gone out with JulieBiscuit in Kuantan and WHERE THE HECK HAS THE CMF@S DISAPPEARED TO?!

So. As mentioned in the previous entry, 古里。ふるさと。Furusato。It means hometown

A special project by the five Arashi members who each went to different parts of Japan, the countrysides to mingle with the locals and work with them for a while as a sort of tourism promotion on the hidden beauties of Japan? Something like that lah hahaha I can't be bothered with the details and I haven't been catching up properly anyways but I do know that this is a song they sang for the project, as part of this year's Kouhaku event that they hosted for NHK.

(Gawd Matsumoto's smokin' pretty with his new hairstyle!)

ここは ふるさと

On another note, isn't it amazing how I always manage to relate Arashi with everything that I'm talking about? Here I was thinking of writing about that week in Kuantan and suddenly we've already gotten to the topic of these five dorky gorgeousness, complete with pictures and everything hahahaha but like I said, the timing's perfect. The song was performed on the 31st of December 2010, and anyone who loves their hometown could definitely relate to the beautiful lyrics~♪

Now that all's been explained and promoted wtf, let's get on to the main topic then, shall we?

(HAHA i said that, but two seconds after typing out that sentence above I went to watch some Arashi videos instead! Do you know what if dipped in liquid nitrogen, a balloon deflates (and freezes solid) but when you take it out after that, it inflates back to its original size when it starts to defroze. Brought to you by the informative D no Arashi tv show! (*・∀・) )  


Yeah so I had a month-long semester break last month
and went back to dearest hometown Kuantan

To be honest for the first few days I did nothing but sit in front of the laptop and while away the time on Arashi nonsense ALL DAY (and night!) LONG. staying up until the wee hours of the morning, usually 5AM and waking up during teatime, usually 3PM. I sure did paid up all my sleep debt accumulated in the last few months of 2010, with extra interest! (^_-)☆

Having hibernated under the comfort of warm, warm blankets for about half my time back home (GAWD WHY AM I SO CHATTY TODAY FYL),  it was time for some socialising whoots! First up, we met up for lunch at Arti's because our MUET teacher Puan Zuriati was going over to her place for a little visit! It's been quite a while since we saw her, that other time we went over to her house to see her newborn baby girl, right? Now she's all grown up (relatively speaking)! Too bad tak sempat take picture masa makan, because Arti cooked (and Aqid helped) some yummy yummy pasta and even made DESSERTS RAWR!

I don't think I've ever seen cupcakes that blue hahaha!

It was so blue (and leftover wtf) that a certain individual had his suspicions on them for causing that certain individual's sudden facial muscle/nerve condition. Didn't stop us from nomming a truckload of them though HAHAHA the silver balls were very pretty for nommings. Next up, I want brownies woman!! I demand it! But ah we had a great time laughing, especially at all the secret jokes regarding ridiculous nicknames we gave the teachers and gossiping all about the shocking new couples popping up amongst our old schoolmates. Hilarious!

Teacher and us  
Aqid tengah busy memgambil gambar ini!

Oh wait, I just remembered!
Didn't Pao, Vrudh and I went for nasi minyak breakfast behind the dontknowwhat back there a couple days prior to this event? Yeah we did, sorry I forgot! Hey wait I think I even talked about it already, the one where we went to makan breakfast (what an unfamiliar concept wtf) and crashed Arti's house eventhough she wasn't feeling well? Yeah we did that huh hehehe! 

Anyways after Pn. Zuriati went back home, we stayed over just a little longer just chilling and more gossiping until the few of us went with Aqid to the hospital for a checkup. Hmm I have a bad feeling that my timeline's all messed up. But whatever yeah we went to the hospital and to quote aqid, buat havoc kat situh! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ 

sambil menunggu, sambil bercamwhore. 

 and so weird Khamal Afro was there too so uhm Arti grabbed his glasses!

 and I was made to do the same hahahaha
I don't look quite as good as her though!

Oh oh oh the hospital checkup was the next day, the morning (pfft) we went to Hoiyin for only the bestest bestest chicken curry mee on earth breakfast! Whoops, shows how bad my memory is hahahaha yeah now I remember, we went back home right after the lunch even with Pn. Zuriati wtf.

Oh lookie, belated birthday present! Mwah mwah! 

Wrapped in gauze nonetheless hahaha! (*^-^*)
These are pretty heart-shaped glass earring. Yeah, GLASS YO.
and these, are the most gorgeous bangles in my favourite colour!

 Prettiest things ever no? Thank you so much darl!

Okay for the next event, I really have no idea when it happened wtf
could it be the same night of the day we went to the hospital? The load of us decided to gather in TC but sampai-sampai, so many people there and it was already drizzling lightly so tukar tempat, tukar to Old Town SABS (unofficial name HAHA)! and then the most serabut serabutness happened wtf someone  informed me that Old Town was full, so I textd everyone to go to Bulan instead, which as just at the end of the same row. After grabbing a seat in Bulan and joining three tables, I was told that ONE GROUP ALREADY GOT A PLACE IN OLDTOWN WTF.

Fuckers thought it'd be funny to take a group phone picture. 
 Where's MY  phone you may ask?
Being used to TAKE this picture, sebab tak layak masuk FML 
I HATE YOU GUYS!  Arti's phone also kononnya tak layak FHL.

Mind, we were all going in a group of three or four cars. So there we have it, my group in Bulan and another in Old Town. AND THEN see see the group who told me that Old Town was full HAVEN'T EVEN REACHED ANYWHERE YET and was still searching for parking! *dieded so fine in the end the Old Town group came over to Bulan and everyone met in Bulan, makan minum and lived happily ever after.

 muhibbah much?

here's another one!

or so some of us thought.

Halfway through yumcha-ing, we were made to play games. Not just any games, but the troublesome game of Mafia ntah apa and Police & Murderer ntah apa. Apa lagi, menjerit-jerit lah kat Bulan nak explain rules, nak memberontak, nak gaduh siapa jadi ketua game, siapa jadi doktor, siapa kena bunuh, nak break kejap, siapa nak order makanan (PAOSUEN) ini itu ini itu aduh bising btul lah orang kat Kuantan! (^_-)☆

Manusia Paling Bising #2.
#1 ialah Arti. Saya paling diam wtf. 

I'm not kidding, after we left that place I actually felt my throat getting sore.
But still belum give up, nak jugak pi lepak kat pantai sebab plan nak gi tengok bapuk tak jadi. WAIT A MINUTE I think the timeline's getting weird again hahahaha the bapuk thing confused me for a while. Was that the night we actually went to Old Town SABS and chatted about the glorious world that is fanfiction and uhm gay porn wtf why is it always this topic when we're out with Terri hahahaha! Nemai we move on, yang penting gambar berlambak macam biasa sebab nak nampak happening dan ada social life wtf. Remember the hospital picture of Arti above?

This is the process of it, and the stylist. 

Motif hair makeover di tepi pantai?
But here's the result anyways! (・∀・ )

and uhm another random one because I'm starting to feel
neglected right about now (in my own blog nonetheless)

Wah my hair so long and gold last time!
Yup, I recently had a haircut, it's all shortish now!

gambar paparazzi! jengjengjeng!

obligatory self-taken group picture

Dammit I've just reached the limit of pictures I can upload here in blogger MAJOR FML.
Hence, abrupt ending because mood officially sudah hilang. Kthxcheebai. 
Oh yeah and all the implied-anger are total terminological inexactitudes, 
the fact is I couldn't be happier back home with these bunch of noisemakers. 
There, I said it. Now let me go drown myself in Arashi awesomeness.
And go listen/download/watch/readthelyricsof Furusato. It says it all.

black pearl

without any notice whatsoever, it appeared!
OK WEIRDER, i just remembered that i dreamt about this before wtf
this very moment of typing that sentence above with that title above wtf *goosebumps

anyways it happens often so back to the topic, SOMETHING CAME UP!
i woke up one day and there, it was there, staring back at me in the mirror!
i rubbed and i scratched with all my might but to no avail! (‘ロ‘)

 there, there it is. can you spot the black pearl?
no its not a dirty spot on your laptop screen
and yes, that is  a random mole on the side of my bottom lip wtf.
guess who else has one like that teehee
her names rhymes with rumae wtf.

i really have no idea how the hell did it appeared there over night!
nevermind the slightly-fainter mole in the middle of the botton lip, 
it's always been there. guess who else has one like that too! (^_-)

 hello there good looking mr. matsumoto.
out of the 3474 images (yeah, i checked) in my Arashi folder,
i have like only twenty pictures of him so i had to use google wtf

hell yeah i'm talking about you you pretty.
oh and by the way people, happy new year!!
i had the bestest celebration ever \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
and didn't got back to the hostel until this morning whoots!
but more on that later, because the timing just got perfect for me next post.
the next entry will be titled ふるさと。Furusato。
because it's the new song sang for the Kouhaku Uta Gassen last night.
and it is simply beautiful and just perfect for the next post!
You may want to google translate that to see what I'll be talking about

oh yes, and happy birthday miss artikus!
and RIP your childhood! ;)