Sunday, January 2, 2011

black pearl

without any notice whatsoever, it appeared!
OK WEIRDER, i just remembered that i dreamt about this before wtf
this very moment of typing that sentence above with that title above wtf *goosebumps

anyways it happens often so back to the topic, SOMETHING CAME UP!
i woke up one day and there, it was there, staring back at me in the mirror!
i rubbed and i scratched with all my might but to no avail! (‘ロ‘)

 there, there it is. can you spot the black pearl?
no its not a dirty spot on your laptop screen
and yes, that is  a random mole on the side of my bottom lip wtf.
guess who else has one like that teehee
her names rhymes with rumae wtf.

i really have no idea how the hell did it appeared there over night!
nevermind the slightly-fainter mole in the middle of the botton lip, 
it's always been there. guess who else has one like that too! (^_-)

 hello there good looking mr. matsumoto.
out of the 3474 images (yeah, i checked) in my Arashi folder,
i have like only twenty pictures of him so i had to use google wtf

hell yeah i'm talking about you you pretty.
oh and by the way people, happy new year!!
i had the bestest celebration ever \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
and didn't got back to the hostel until this morning whoots!
but more on that later, because the timing just got perfect for me next post.
the next entry will be titled ふるさと。Furusato。
because it's the new song sang for the Kouhaku Uta Gassen last night.
and it is simply beautiful and just perfect for the next post!
You may want to google translate that to see what I'll be talking about

oh yes, and happy birthday miss artikus!
and RIP your childhood! ;)

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