Sunday, February 6, 2011


in a blink of an eye, the week-long holidays have come to an end.

i find it rather odd that the less i do with my time,
the higher the chances of my remembering what i have been doing.
as opposed to the busier i am, the less likely i am in remembering what i did.
shouldn't it be the other way round normally? ;D

that said, yeah i've been home for the holidays!

you know, everytime i go back, i learn something about myself.
whether it is my newfound appreciation for Quiet Time Alone or Mean Bitchy Friends,
there's always that certain aspect that i find myself pondering over.

i wish i could express this in a much more articulate and clear manner
but i am not a certain newscaster named sakuraisho so i will leave this to your imagination.

on a somewhat-related-but-not-really-actually note, i find it a tad offensive when friends complained voiced out their slight dissatisfaction over the fact that i have been pimping arashi out way too much here. nah, maybe [offended] is too strong a word. perhaps [hurt] would suit this context better. no, [hurt]'s pretty strong too. well, figure it out for me, will ya? ;)

the thing is, i don't often say things here that i don't particularly have any use for. at least not anymore since the uhm opening of a whole new other blog to cater to that  specific purpose teehee. seriously though, i don't want to make this an unnecessarily explanatory rant but all i'm saying is, read between the lines will you? believe it or not i am not as shallow nor as superficial as i'd like to be. it is precisely because of this natural disposition to ponder and care way too much about every little thing that i've grown to yearn for the carefree life of superficiality.

this would explain why Mean Girls is my favourite movie and not The Pursuit of Happiness wtf.

gosh we tease jerwin for being a Romantic at 5am
but i think i may just take the title of Brutally Honest at 5am.
i have a feeling i will regret posting this entry later in the day.
but i will NOT delete nor erase it. this is  a journal after all.

going off to bed then. goodnight sugars.


P.S. 嵐, 最高!


  1. I don't see what's wrong with pimping Arashi on your blog too much. a) It's your blog b) You are writing for yourself, not others c) if they want to read it and it doesn't suit their reading tastes, they should shove off and read other blogs that cater to their tastes.

    I pimp stuff I like all the time. I read loads of comics, watch loads of movies and listen to loads of music and I do not shy away from writing about them. I know I get no comments on my posts and the only people who read my blog are my friends, but why does it have to matter if I'm expressing love for my interests? Be they superficial or not.

    You have a passion for Arashi and there's nothing wrong with that. Truth is, this may sound horrible and you may judge me, but I pity people who lack a passion. I believe passion gives people a sense of identity. "Sue Ann? Which chick is that again?" "Oh the big Arashi/music fan." "Audrey? Which chick is that again?" "That one movie buff/comic geek." It defines us, and it gives a sense of, dare I say, life? I feel so alive when I find joy in a new Phoenix album or the latest issue of Batman. People with no passion are...dull, and most times pretentious because they don't have or know or feel what others do.

    I hope that made sense. I'm just a little ranty cos' people tend to tell me I gush about certain things too much, just like you. :|

  2. agree with everything that your friend said above ;) its your HOME after all, since you got no where else to rant and share you thoughts but here. so the concern in absolutely yours and not them.

    oh well i'll be emo at 5. or for the rest of my life.

    wink wink.

  3. ItoMaki: THIS SO MUCH I DONT EVEN. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY ♥ And I feel exactly the same about people who don't have a passion in their life. They seem so hollow and sad to me sometimes. That feeling of "ah, something new!" from something you love, nothing beats that EVER.

    I like your gushings you know! I learn something about something everytime I read your blog! I may not share the exact same passion, but I'd sure like to be in the know about stuff that other people are into! :)

    Diamond: Thankyouuuu for always commenting, I really appreciate it (as cliche as this sounds)! ♥ You always understand things and I will porever lap yuu for that! :D

    p.s. we should start a 5am club wtf.