Saturday, February 26, 2011

"今日は楽しかったはlie" ♪

Ok so this the the post where i rant my heart out and if it doesn't pleases
you then there's that little cross at the upper corner that you can click.


I am tired. Exhausted, worn out and every other words in the English vocabulatry yang sewaktu dengannya. See, I can't even spell vocabulary anymore wtf. Sure, this is mostly my own doing, I confess. But what the hell, just because I brought this all on myself doesn't mean I can't complain right? It's my bloody right. Judge me all you want.  Sleep, I haven't been sleeping a lot. What DO I do when I'm wide awake at 4am in the morning? Going online, stalking Facebook and worrying about things that I shouldn't be worrying walaupun ada assignment berlambak yang tak sentuh lagi.

I've always thought that starting the assignment the night before was the worst thing I do, but yesterday we brought procrastination to a whole new other level. Deadline was Friday 5pm, we started doing it at 12pm! It wasn't like we were even busy the night before, sempat go yumcha for Clubbing Post Mortem lagi after midnight and lepak kat cyberspace up until 4 in the morning (hey, this is Gwen's song!) Priorities, what is that I don't even. Don't get me wrong though, I don't regret it. That was one hell of a fun night though I did kind of tainted the mood in the end. But hey, I'm just saying.


And then I'm up kind of early right now because it's so cold and yeah was thinking of doing my laundry until I get downstairs and the washing machine's in use. DAMMIT. Plus, I think my cough's back again, with a little sore throat tagging along. Lagilah cannot sleep, waking up to drink water and coughing throughout the night.

AND FOOD. I have not been eating much the past few days. There was this one day where I touched nothing for more than 24hours and still I didn't feel hungry! In the event that I do feel the slight pang of hunger, my appetite's so gone I really can't take in any food. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME? I want to enjoy food and I want to nomnom max with my nomnom max buddies again! Oh wow revelation! This could be why I am feeling almost cranky and wiped out lately!

So yeah, on a nice Saturday morning, I am here ranting while waiting for the washing machine to finish it's job. In less than an hour I will be heading to Queensbay with the girls and camp out in Starbucks, finishing work. Well, at least that's the official idea. The unofficial purpose would be to camp out in Starbucks and suck up their bandwidth downloading Arashi stuff. Yeah speaking of Arashi, I haven't even been fangirling lately, WHICH IS SAYING A WHOLE DAMN LOT. New PV, single and performances pun tak download lagi since more than a week ago! What is wrong with me like seriously.

But yeah, I'll be out again later and tonight there's Project Wasted whoots! I kind off love my life right now, but not precisely right now as of this very moment I am typing this you know what I mean?  Anyways, got to go and get ready now. See, even now my priorities are screwed up. Oh before I go let me give a HUGE [1999*4##111] to all the sweetest patientest (wtf is this even a word) people who are tolerating me everyday and yeah, i raff yuus!

once again, gifs never not mine, tumblr's!

Let's not end this on a sappy note, 

so imma just shout out right now that
Best curry mee in the entire world I don't even! 

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