Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nomnom Max Day 1.

Okay okay first of all, sorry guys for lying to you all. m(_ _)m
I said I was going off to bed already but here I am writing stuff wtf.

It's already almost 1AM and I have tons of Japanese homework
to finish up for my 8am class tomorrow! Well, technically it's already TODAY. 

Gasp. It's getting really tough you know, to the point that early morning busrides
to the class won't cut it anymore for completing my homework and three-times-a-week revisions!

Oooh and promotional activities to plan for
for our upcoming fundraising PERKOM Car Wash Event!

To add up to the stress, apprently there's a mid-term test coming up this Friday
along with a Promotional Writing (100% COURSEWORK) assignment due this Friday too!
Freeter!Nino gif credits to the ever-amazing tumblr!

AIESEC's Global Village Event on Saturday to attend (ALONE) too! (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚) *panics

Can't exactly complain out loud though,
been doing nothing but goofing off and having major fun since Friday itself!

Having stayed up the entire night (and only having a couple hours of sleep the night before) to complete the previous Promotional Writing assignment, I came back into my room on Friday afternoon and dropped dead on the bed. Received many texts and calls that I blatantly ignored in that few hours until came 10.30PM, I got a call from Faraha! I actually had take a few seconds to look at her name blinking on the screen and decide whether to pick up or not HAHAHA sorry!

But despite my hesitation, I did picked it up and AM SUPER GLAD I DID! 
Because it was an invitation to go for some nomnoms! (*^▽^)
 And thus I spent the rest of my Friday night in some sort of sleep-induced daze 
together with the Munch, Diamond, Faraha and YK, eating our way around the island!

Gahhh I miss having several places to yumcha in one outing/night!
Back in Kuantan, especially after FormSix, we always have to have AT LEAST two places to yumcha, didn't we? Third place to yumcha is optional, but always very much welcomed. God I miss those crazily boring (sebab tak tau nak yumcha mana dah) but awesome times!

So Friday was great, because we went to FOUR PLACES! (≧∇≦)
First up was Coffee Island for their yummeh mushroom soup. Sadly the pancake place was closed so YK brought us to some Secret Beach! It was really dark and quiet, but really really nice, with rocks trees and everything. Started getting creepy for me though after a while. Reminded me of the beach near the Tennis Court and Teruntum Zoo. Eee.

Thankfully the spookiness was soon offset by YK's collection of oh-so-funny-can-die-but-not-really-but-secretly-quite-hilarious-also-actually jokes! That sure was major fun hahahaha! Lepas tuh balik rumah ke home-sweet-Khaleel (Arti, Akid was there too tengah2 malam!) but because some of them couldn't get to eat what they wanted, we just had some drinks there and moved to Kayu after that for real food!


Gila tak power makan max sampai about 3AM? (^_-)
Nomnom Max Trilogy to be continued later! No promises though wtf.
I have a feeling I'm forgetting some details though but oh well.

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