Monday, March 14, 2011

Day Go

Well this is nice, a quiet morning to myself.
It's White Day today, did you remember? (^-^ *)

Had an 8am class just now, and the PERKOM meeting soon after.
Breakfast of coffee-flavoured milk and a marie biscuit or two. 
Wow boring meaningless information much?
Here's a little quiz to spice up your day wtf because your life so revolves around me wtf
Question: How do you know if it's my Laundry Day? (and Faraha always knows!
Answer: When I'm wearing my pink-striped shirt, or the baju kurung. ☆彡

Day 5 : A picture of something you want to do before you die.

This is kind of cheating really,  

because rather than a picture, it's a moving picture! (*^-^*)
I may just be a tad obsessed with arashi gifs like fucking seriously.

though as always, these aren't mine, tumblr's!

I need want to see Arashi live before I die, that's what.
Even if I ceased to obsess over them in the future (realistically speaking like duh),
I'd still want to go to one of their concerts, and watch them live just for nostalgia's sake.
After all, there's nothing quite like a Johnnys' concert, and it'll be Major Awesome!


and perhaps witness a mass butt-grope or two. Just sayin' ~♪  

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