Monday, March 28, 2011

Day Jyuu

Two group projects, one assignment, one individual project and an event to plan!
All by this week, all before 1st April! and we just started working on them!
but never too busy to have a little bit of fun here and there.

Day 10 : A photo of your favorite place to eat.

Before you accuse me of failing to grasp the concept of "a photo" instead of "a gazillion photos", in my defence, I live in so many places in Malaysia! So it's only natural that I have loads of favourite places for food, especially here in Penang with my NomNomMax buddies!

But here, in Penang, this is my favourite place ever.
Located on my favourite street too, this Amelie Cafe!(^∀^)ノ 
Serving homemade Western food (some Italian too!) from breakfast to tea time,
though a tad on the pricey side, the food's always wholesome and delicious!
Plus, doesn't hurt that the deco's all handmade craft and oh-so-quirky old school. Pure love.


Next up, favourite nomnom place di second home, Kuala Lumpur!
and nope, despite what my IC and soon-to-be-permanent address may say,
I'll never ever be a KL City girl! Sorry, I suka duduk kat Kuantan tepi pantai okeh!


Guess guess guess where is this!
Okeh nemai I'll tell you anyways, it's Delicious! (^∇^)
as in, the place called Delicious. but I bet you know that already wtf.
Again, harga a little up, but the variety of food and desserts, mmm yummeh!

and finally, Kuantan. Home Sweet Home Kuantan.
I have way too many favourite places for food back here, back home here.
from awesomesauce currypuffs in Gelora, bestest cendol in Midnight,
porkiest hokkien mee in that  food court, to the most incredible currymee in Hoiyin!


but still. favourite place to nomnom is still here. ChaCha Restaurant.
walaupun jarang datang makan sebab mahal, but japanese food is always win!
a homey place that hardly anyone knows, expect only the most authentic home-styled of food!
and random knickknack japanese ice confectionaries hidden in the corner of the restaurant too.

Gosh I'm such a foodie, how could I possible restrict myself to just one picture!(^_-)☆

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