Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day JyuuIchi, JyuuNi.

I can hardly remember that last time I slept in.
It's so much harder to wake up when everything's so comfortable.
I can hardly remember that last time I properly flailed and fangirled.
It's so much harder to go crazy over Arashi when there's hardly any time.
Time flies, so much more quicker this semester. Was it because we had so much fun?
It's like I just blinked a couple times, and suddenly I'm already here, in this present state

[Day 11 : What's in your make up bag?]

Makeup bag as in?
As in the bag with makeup that I bring out
or the bag (if existent, that is) that I keep my makeup in?
Imma go with the latter, because the former's nonexistent!

No secrets here, I do  use quite a bit of makeup. 
*ashamed but not really wtf  |・ω・`)

Ever since I entered my late-teens/early twenties,
my skin decided to go all puberty on me wtf hence, scars and breakouts.
Which brings to loads of makeup needed to hide them imperfections
and holymama I used to think an eyeliner's the shiznit, but right now a concealer's the #1!


Here's my makeup bag/box then. There's lipgloss, eyeliner, eyecream (ANTI-AGING, no less),
blemish balm, eyeshimmer, moisturiser and random nonsense all in a state of disarray like that. Yup, disarray, that's me there. Gosh do I sound glum today or what. Oh oh that day damn funny, instead of Subaidah, Loudao said Sudaibah! and not too long after, self-sabo himself with "seniors buli juli"  WTF HAHAHHAHAHAHA i don't even. Wait, how is this even relevant again?

So tomorrow's the Communications Night that PERKOM's organising. (*・_・)
Tonight's the full rehearsal and tomorrow by noon we have to be there to get stuff ready
means busy busy busy maximum day tomorrow! But hey, at least there's an after-party after that!
Hope I won't dieded too soon, bought the greatest nude suede pumps and it debuted last night!
and since I have just about a gazillion datelines to fulfill this coming week,
Imma do Day JyuuNi for the 30-Day Challenge in this post as well!

[Day 12 : Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.]

Domokun says, save meh!
because it is the cutest thing, and somewhat relevant

Hoho the timing for this question.
Yes, I'm seeing someone right about now.
It's going great, and I'm happeh nyappeh. 

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