Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day Nana

Day 7 : Your dream wedding.

Well since I've already disregarded most of the rules in this meme,
like by posting up 18359 pictures instead of the usual "one picture of.." and the likes
I might as well continue on with this tradition! (^_-)☆

I'll start off with the proposal first,
because I've actually mentioned this to Mins and Grobe before
so I already know exactly what I want to write about!
I don't think many of you know this but I kind of sort of fairly in a way
have this obsession with..ferris wheels!!


I even have a folder created specifically to simpan pretty pictures of ferris wheels!
And as if that's not crazy-obsessive enough, I actually have a specific ferris wheel that I stalk wtf
It's the Cosmo Clock 21 located in Yokohama, Japan. Also the largest clock in the world! (*・∀・)

I think all this nonsense started after watching the Honey & Clover anime series, and from then on ferris wheels have always been associated with feelings of slight melancholy and a subtle kind of romance. Pretty too, these things are, very much so.


Whoops terpesong so jauh!
Point is, take me to a ferris wheel,
ask anything of me and I'll say yes for sure.

Omg damn malas to continue today's post already!
Let's speed things up a little yeah?
Dress. White, obviously, but with a little quirk to it.
Black lace have always been a favourite.


Or a little kimono-inspired one.


Or if budget's not an issue, I'll get Vivienne Westwook to design me an original.
Ceremony.  Garden. White chairs and tables, lots of flowers and greens.
Or an evening one. With lanterns, candles and pretty warm lights by the lake.


A pretty cake like this would be great too!
Alright that's all for today,
Imma go read my copy of the latest CLEO now!

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