Friday, March 11, 2011

Day San

Day 3 : Your idea for perfect first date.

Damn cliche this one omg!
but hell I'm so going to do this anyways.
because I have about 13 pages due 12pm tomorrow.
and I have a thing for procrastinating, apparently.

Let's see, I'm not so much of a daytime person so dinner at a nice cozy restaurant would be nice.
Preferably Japanese, Italian or Western?
or better yet, assuming that this is not a blind date (because I just don't do them)
and assuming again that I should know this person pretty well already
I'd super love it if that person were to cook for me! (^∇^)
Like, just a simple meal of pasta would be more than great!

Because I think it brings out a person's personality, no?

After that, maybe we could go out for desserts? Watch a movie?
and later chill around somewhere pretty, like the beach!
Oooh you know what would be super fun, a visit to the funfair! 

photocredit: here.

Like, those really old-school ones like in The Notebook and there's pretty lights,
endless laughter, kids running crazy and pink fluffy cotton candy all around. Sweet! 

(notice how I didn't mention ferris wheels, I'm saving it for something else! )

But in Malaysia, got hope for such a thing ah? As if! (*・_・)

Yeah that's so about it, because I'm boring like that.
but still damn awesome nonetheless wtf. NEXT!

Oooh afterthought, 
or you can just skip all this nonsense,
take me to Japan and I marry you terus! Deal!

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