Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Shi

Okay today's challenge of:
[Day 4 : Your favorite photograph of your best friend]

might just be a little difficult for me.
I'm sure you've heard me say that I've never had a best friend since primary school
because the word "bestfriend" itself conjures up images and impressions
of things that I don't actually do, even with a super close girl friend!
You know, things like telling each other their deepest darkest secret, 
having meetings in secret hideouts and the oh-so-often girly sleepovers and whatnots.
Blame it on the mass media and the one too many girly feel-good movies, I say. (^_-)

Best friends in Standard One, all the way to Standard Six
and we're still good friends up until today, Lumsie!

It's not as if I'm a total anti-social with many acquaintances and zero friends though,
I mean in the end it's still the quality that counts, not the quantity of people I know right.
Ah though I did had one childhood friend who lives at the end of the road,
and I would meet and play with her for hours everyday, schoolday or not. Oh fond memories

How did this turned out to be a story of me and my best friends (or the lack of)!
You're here for the pictures (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)
so imma now throw out here pictures with really great friends with whom I could always
talk to no matter how long it's been since we met and I know I can trust! Mwahs to you peeps!

We got close near Form Four, right?
Rumae, resident bottomless-pit and kaki keluar! 

We've still pretty damn close up until this very moment, no?
Arti, who never judges, and provides ample entertainment just by being herself.

It took some time to get comfortable with her (because scared wtf)
but I could always rely on our Queen here for her infinite kindness and rational mind

How do I even begin to describe my fondness for this Diamond
Always funny, always caring, always fun, always hot, always understanding. 

MY TWIN SISTER! I can't believe I spoke so little of her here
until Arti told me she's not very familiar with this Faraha here!
So here's an extra long comment, to the sweetest durian hunny bunny ever.
We've only just met for about half a year, and already I could trust her to this extent.
It's unheard of. But I do, because she could always be depended on for many many things.
Plus, she's got the sense of humour of a i-dont-even-know-what and totally cute!

So this is more of a fatherly figure wtf than best friend. Say hi to Boolat.
Sometimes taofung  wtf but nevertheless still sayang us walaupun dibuli everyday

Last, but definitely not the least! A girl of many, many nicknames.
Lastest one is "Grobe", but stay tuned for changes okay? (^_-)
I am seriously reconsidering my whole I-havent-had-a-best-friend-since-primary-school 
policy because I don't think I've actually ever met anyone so caring and accepting of me before

Kidding. That ain't my favourite picture, funny and amusing as it is!
I couldn't find the original for this favourite (amongst many others) though.
 nyuu ♥ 

Wow just realised that this post could be potentially offensive.
As in, there are many more really amazing friends that I could have mentioned
like Virudh, whom I've had a little rough patch with a while ago but we made up beautifully
and TKL, who helped me so much in my times of need and never ever complains
and also Charan, who is ever the mean bitchy Club Taikor that he is and food-enthusiast (^_-)

Ok SAT, shutup now. Perlu ke list down everyone I know wtf.


  1. All of the sudden, I love you more. Sob sob why you make my mata bergenang reading you?
    I was still overwhelmed when reading Eugene's description. And bila sampai Grobe, I LOLed!

    Hahahahahahha boleh tak taruk gamabr tidur?

    means sebelum nih tak maximum love me?!
    *offended and sad. T_______T

    ok drama ends.
    nyaa yuu were touched? ♥
    hahahaha sebab macam nak offset the seriousness of the post, kang too emotional i tak suka people see this side of me. But I know right I'm so funny I don't even. *flicks hair

  3. i raf you womansie! <3