Saturday, March 19, 2011


Last night was..eventful, to say the least.
It was really fun; we were even given a bottle of Absolut!

With the three crazy awesome girls!


but I hereby swear off alcohol for at least three months!
Okay maybe a sip or two very occasionally, but that's it. NO MORE.
and even after this self-imposed ban, no more drinking when mad tired!
Because then self-restrain cease to exist, and I just can't myself the morning after.

Worse still, this isn't the first time this week.

This morning afternoon,
woke up to my hair tied up in newspaper rubberband, 

room key slipped under the door and a cocktail of emotions 
made up of embarassment, major guilt and appreciatian. I don't even.

Can't myselfing, like this. Only less giggy and adorable.

Never again, never again. *headdesk
But moving on, since earth is still spinning!
Another episode of the 30-Days Challenge coming up!

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