Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"遅く目が覚めた 晴れた朝のこと"

Well well well, look who's back.
Dude I've been gone so long when I type out dashboard, the link to blogger doesn't appear anymore wtf
instead, Tumblr comes up. The addictive goodness that is Tumblr, oh the endless joy! (*・∀・)

Visual example of endless joy

Goodness knows whatever happened to the 30-Days Challenge I took on.

Good news is, I'm done with my eight-weeks long quite-enjoyable-yet-stressful internship. I did learnt quite some things about the PR/Media Industry in Malaysia and met a number of very interesting people that certainly add colour to the world. The good, the bad and the average - all part and parcel of the working life. Heck, even life itself in general. Diplomatic much? (^_-)

So the current update of my life is that I'm living in KL at present,
about 60% moved in to our new place in Kajang and what I do everyday ever since I'd wrapped up the internship programme is eat, sleep twelve-hours a day, fangirl and watch television. Note the absence of socialising. Yeap, lifestyle of the rich, famous and fabulous indeed wtf. 

Highlight of the week - Driving around in KL (alone!) for the first time in my life! 
Coming from someone who is yet unsure of the road to Queensbay Mall, this feat is really a feat worthy of a thousand praises and shoulder pats okay! Drove (my good ol' saga kesayangan ) all the way to Bangsar and Damansara Heights, and then to the new place in Kajang and also very recently, to Kit's workplace in Ara Damansara! LIKE A BOSS. HEBAT TAK HEBAT TAK. 

Expectation of response towards the above question

Probable reality of response towards the above question, FML. Photobucket

I know, I fail. But let's not dwell on that too much, 

I am now going to have an abrupt change of subject to pry attention away from my faults in life. 
Gosh I need to have a list of stuff I've been meaning to talk about!(^∀^)

  1. The Accidental KL Cupcake Trail
  2. The +Wondermilk Cupcake That Rolled
  3. Details of a Fun and Exciting Internship Programme
  4. The National Zoo Outing of Twenty Years Ago
  5. Things I've Received and Want to Publicly Thank For
  6. Recent Updates on Arashi That I Am Very Excited About (Tentative)

That's about it really, as far as my memory works. I've been going out quite a lot and doing many things all throughout the past couple months. Thing is, I hardly take any pictures anymore and you would know that I won't be very much inclined to blog about stuff that I can't show through pictures. Hence the lack of anything much at all lately. Hopefully things will change, and I will get so bored out of my mind that I will finally take out the camera, start snapping away and come back to documenting my life here in this blog.