Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shallow Sleep

HAHA I think the lack-of-response does play a factor after all in the posts I put out on this blog.
On Facebook, instant likes, comments and replies on pretty much everything and on Tumblr, with every refresh brings something new along on the dashboard and people talk to each other.

But with blogger...
gif not mine.

Gosh I know right, am such an attention whore. (。・_・。)

Recently, for the past week or more, I've been having dreams. I wake up several times at night, tossing and turning until I fall back into sleep, into another dream. These dreams I've been having, they're not the usual bunch of random elements thrown in, they're different. So rich in details, so misleadingly realistic, so many familiar and unfamiliar faces, so full of emotions and so complicated story-wise.

Yesterday, I had this dream of people I know in real life fighting it out and there were blood (and tears) shed. Odd enough, it was the second dream of the night, prior to that I've already had another different dream and woke up after that only to fall asleep again to have THIS dream. Funny thing is, in this second dream I could remember bits of the previous dream, as crazily irrelevant and different in scenario as it was. In the first dream, at one point there was a beach and Grobeh was giving me pickled mangoes and melon milk. At the second dream, at one point in the midst of all the tension, I went to the store for some quick refreshments and thought of Grobeh, then started looking for pickled mangoes and melon milk in the display. I've never had this happen before so it was quite interesting really.

But what really bothered me is the recurring theme in these dreams I've been having for the past week or so. The same emotion, the same tension, the same feeling of anxiety played out in different scenarios

In all these dreams, I always had something that was bothering me.
Whether is it some huge assignment I had to pass up in mere hours, someone I really care for went missing for a long time or people that I love get hurt and I could only do so much to save them, there's always something like that that puts me at such a state of unease and anxiety.

And always, always when I suddenly wake up in the morning,
I feel this rush of huge relieve that that was all just a dream.
Anxiety, unease and finally, relief. Always.

Anyone reading Decoding Dreams for Dummies? Care to explain?

Kuantan tomorrow! (^□^*)